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Our Story

My name is Christine Eck.  I founded the Center for Sacred Window Studies in 2018 along with some of the most inspirational women I've ever met.  Our intention is to share the life changing knowledge we refer to as conscious postpartum care.  Our background is in the science of Ayurveda.  These universal teachings align with any belief, background, comfort level and individual.  Everyone who gives birth goes through a postpartum window.  Most people today go through it without the support or awareness to thrive.  We're here to change that.

Why Learn with us

universal mother principles

Our approach to giving care applies to how we run our program.  As you learn sacred window care, you receive it and experience it yourself.  The Universal Mother Principles are the foundation of living a nurtured life.  With each step of your program, you are invited to go deeper into these principles.  As you experience it, you are informed and prepared to share it with others.  During the postpartum window, we want to minimize overwhelm and provide a sense of security, grounding and love.  Welcome to the essence of what you get when you study with us...

ongoing support + access

What happens when you graduate?  We're still here!  We know that it can feel overwhelming to begin working with clients or practicing the skills we've learned.  That is natural, and part of our mission is to strengthen the field of postpartum care.  We do that by providing continuing education opportunities such as free access to guest lectures to our alumni, a beautiful directory listing, case study circles and more.  And, enjoy continued access to the course content.

diverse voices + perspectives

Our intentions are aligned and our backgrounds are varied. Each of our instructors has a unique story to tell, a treasure of perspectives to share.  There is no ONE way in caregiving.  We are guided by our clients, by our intuition, and by the moment.  Our program teaches you to listen to what is needed, and with a wise understanding of how to give the right care at the right moment in the right way for each person you work with...including (and most importantly!) yourself.

Everything you need to know...

What do you teach?

We teach caregiving skills for the first weeks after a baby is born.  Our focus is on the mother or birth giver, and supporting a whole path to healing including the body, mind, spirit and senses.  We honor this incredible life transition and all the ways that can look for families!  Our caregiving skills include daily routine and support tools for managing common postpartum issues, cooking and herbal support food preparation specific to postpartum nutritional needs, therapeutic body care skills for mothers or birth givers and babies, and much more!  


Can I do both the Hands on Retreat and the Online Training?

Yes!  Hands on Training attendees get a special 42% discount on our online training and mentoring programs.

What is the Postpartum Care Collective?

This is our Directory of postpartum caregivers along with our Membership Community.  Students and Alumni are forever members of this Collective and it is open to anyone who practices.  Features include a free directory listing, attendance to quarterly events such as Case Study Circles and Skill Share Workshops + a gorgeous Online Hub filled with exclusive learning content for postpartum professionals.


What is the Sacred Window Internship Circle?

This is our professional mentoring program.  It is open to any of our graduates or graduates of other programs in postpartum care. It is designed to give you support, accountability, and feedback as you build your professional practice and begin working with clients in your community.  Learn more here!  It can be bundled with the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program when you select the Whole Path. 


How many live online classes are there and how often do we meet with instructors?

There are 15 live class sections.  They occur approximately every other week.  Office Hours for Conversation and Student Support occur every other week in between the live class sections. Students may schedule with an instructor anytime if the set office hours do not work for them.  There are no live classes during the months of December, June and July.  Live classes are approximately 2 hours in length.  The live classes are designed to be interactive and participatory.  Students will be given a checklist of recorded lectures and supplemental materials to review before coming to each class.  We will base our activities and discussion directly on the course material from the checklist.  After offering live lectures for several years, we feel the best learning happens when we are engaging with students and actively learning together.  The live classes are important to attend though waivers can be given to students on an individual basis and recordings will always be available for everyone on the student website. Waivers will be given for time zone conflicts and unavoidable circumstances.  (We are extremely willing to work with your situation but we ask that you honor your studies and the commitment to participate.)  


What are the program requirements?

Engagement with instructors and other students as well as completion of 4 final projects.  Each project is extremely doable and geared to be put into use as you begin practicing postpartum care with families.  There are no exams.


What are the live classes like?

Live classes are dynamic and will always include open conversation and discussion about key areas of the curriculum.  They may include individual or small group activities, examples, case studies, special guests, workshop style learning and more.  Students should come to the live classes prepared to engage and having reviewed the pre-class checklist of content to watch and read.


When can I start?

You can start anytime!  We enroll students all year long.  You do not have to begin at Section One of the program.  This is a cyclical learning experience, and you may begin at the part of the cycle you enter at, and continue around the rotation of Course Sections.  While many will begin with Section One in January (or at the beginning of the cycle), we allow students to come in and journey at their own pace and timing. 


What will I be certified as?

Once all requirements are met and tuition has been paid, students will receive a Certificate as a Conscious Postpartum Caregiver.  Your hours and areas of study will be designated on your Certificate.  The doula/caregiver field is not a licensed profession, therefore, professionals may call themselves by what resonates most with them within the non medical scope of the field.  (ex. Ayurdoula, postpartum doula, postpartum caregiver, Ayurvedic postpartum doula, etc.)


Do I receive a physical Certificate?

Yes!  Your Certificate will be sent once all above requirements are complete, and total tuition has been submitted.


Is the Center for Sacred Window Studies accredited?

We are accredited under IPHM, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine based in the U.K.  We are Organizational Members of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.  


How long should I expect to spend studying each week?

We encourage students to set aside approximately 5 hours per week to devote to your studies.  Students get the most out of their program when they are able to plan ahead for when these hours will happen, identify what support they need in order to have that time, and know how they wish to spend that time.  


How long is the program?

The live classes run approximately 2 times per month for 1 year.  Should a student wish to study ahead, all the teaching material is located on the student website and students may move at a faster pace if they choose.  The requirements remain the same whether someone completes the program in one year, 6 months, or 2+ years.  If a student needs additional time past the one year mark, they may purchase an extension or take advantage of our restart + re-energize opportunity.


Can I finish sooner?

Yes!  If all final projects are completed, tuition paid and engagement in the program has been active, a student can complete the program early.  Instructors will let students know if they need to schedule an exit interview in order to assess the student’s comprehension.  


Is the Hands On Training required?

No, the Hands On Training Retreat is encouraged as a way to experience the cooking and herbal support practices as well as the postpartum body work we teach.  It is an incredible retreat designed to have you experience sacred window care with all of your senses while you gain confidence in practicing the skills you will offer to others.  We recognize that travel is not always accessible to students.  The online training certification can stand alone.  Students who attend our Hands On Training will receive an additional Certificate from the Center for Sacred Window Studies. 


How long do I have access to the course materials?

Forever!  Once you enroll in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program, you will maintain access to the student website after your program is complete.


Do you offer Scholarships?

We offer a Study Scholarship Program for our Certification and Internship programs.  Scholarships are for ⅓ or ⅔ of tuition and students complete a checklist of projects to support the Center for Sacred Window Studies in exchange.  Learn more about the Work Study Scholarship Program Here.


Can I retake the program at a discount?

Yes!  Should you wish to go through the live training again, alums have a special offer called the Restart + Re-energize fee, a HUGE discount and another opportunity to complete your Certification.


What support do you offer alumni?

Our alums are very important to us!  As a student of the Center for Sacred Window Studies, you are a forever member of the Postpartum Care Collective.  We host member only events throughout the year such as Case Study Circles and Skill Share events.  Members have access to a huge online portal with an archive of professional and educational talks related to postpartum.  We highlight the practices of our members and give you paid speaking opportunities.  Our alums are invited to attend live all Guest Lectures presented after they graduate.  Alums can revisit their student website to access all the great material in your program.


What am I qualified to do after receiving Certification through the Center for Sacred Window Studies?

You will have the foundational and practical knowledge to give hands on care to someone during the first weeks and months postpartum.  This includes a toolbox of support measures and helpful routines, nutritional principles and cooking skills, herbal support foods and routines, bodywork practices for mothers, birth givers and babies, and much more.  You are ready to practice!


What will I learn?

Praise and Testimonials

This course has awoken a new beauty for me around the postpartum window. I have always felt and known that this time is sacred. However since I have started this course, it has just dropped to a whole new level for me. I haven't only felt my practice shift and change in the postpartum time. My energy at births and at antenatal visits has shifted too. I have also been noticing unfolding with new eyes and a new heart. Partly I feel it's because Ayurveda has reignited my commitment to care for self and in turn has inspired me to inspire and support the women and people around me to do the same for themselves.

Caitlin Collins  Cape Town, South Africa

The course felt so well rounded and all the teachers had such a passion and depth of knowledge that was shared so openly. I feel that this work is a lifelong study but I learnt so much about myself and new ways of "mothering" myself and adapting my own self care using the Ayurvedic principles in just the 14 week window. I have realised when we utilize these tools within our own lives we are able to serve from a deeper, more grounded space. I feel deeply inspired that when supported in this period, this right of passage, we have the potential to create deep lifelong change within our bodies, minds and lives, therefore within our society.

Amanda Curmi  Sydney, Australia

LOVED the final projects. Completing them challenged me, and made me feel confident to go forward with offering this work to my community. The Foundations module helped me get clear on what my personal blocks were, and was a good reminder to apply the Universal Mother Principles to myself. The Resource Guide helped push me out of my comfort zone and gave me direction to reach out to a lot of people that have helped me connect with clients. The Cooking and Touch modules’ final projects helped me outline a menu I can adapt to many different clients’ needs, and gave me great hands-on and personal experience with the Abyhanga and cooking for myself and my family and friends.

Kelsey Lea Pickard Hawaii, USA

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Conscious Postpartum Caregiving: A guide inspired by the Ayurvedic Tradition

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