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Nourishing Community Healing through Simplicity, Intuition and Herbalism with Ayana Muhammad

This talk explores how community healing can be nourished through simplicity, intuition and herbalism. Guest Ayana Muhammad shares her journey from birth companion to community healer focusing on postpartum care. She discusses how even from a young age she was drawn to caregiving, and found various ways to support others through massage therapy and herbal remedies.

Ayana emphasizes how the small acts of self-care, like going outside, breathing and making tea can make a big difference. Through slowing down our nervous system we can center ourselves and intuitively know how to proceed. She applies these principles of simplicity in her one-on-one healing protocols, focusing on meal prep, breathwork and being in tune with what each person needs.

The conversation expands on how these concepts can benefit anyone, not just new parents. Men in particular are invited to practice more self-care and introspection. Ayana is interested in offering group circles in the future to broaden her reach. Her life is deeply intertwined with herbalism, passing this knowledge on to her kids and community through teas, remedies and education.

Ayana's long term vision is to create a Learning Hub empowering young men of color and those on the autism spectrum. Through teaching herbalism skills and job training, she hopes to cultivate future herbalists and entrepreneurs who can apply this in their own communities.

To learn more about Ayana's work, contact her through her website kehealingvibes.com, email wisdomofspices@gmail.com, phone 240-270-4988 or Instagram @kehealingvibes.

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