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Hands on the Sacred Window Professional Training Retreat

Postpartum Cooking, Bodywork, Care Routines and More.  

Experience Sacred Window Care Yourself as you learn to offer it to others!

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1/3 and 2/3 Scholarships available for the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program, the Sacred Window Internship Circle or the Whole Path!  Share your talents with us!

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Studying with a local (or online) group of friends creates another layer of motivation, engagement and support as you learn these life changing caregiving tools.

We support collectives, groups and partners in professional caregiving practices as a sustainable model. 

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Student Reflections: Education, Ayurveda, and Balance

How do you like to study?

We each arrive at the decision to further our education with different considerations.  Whatever yours are, we are here to see that you get access to the knowledge and information you are passionate to receive.

Study in person, study online, get professional mentoring or choose a combination of programs that best supports you!

Why Conscious Postpartum Care with Ayurveda?

Discover how these traditional care principles fill in the gaps in modern postnatal and newborn care.

Mother of all healing

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Discover Conscious Postpartum Care...

Learn the foundational aspects of Conscious Postpartum Care as we teach it, discover valuable tools to apply today and get a feel for how our programs flow.

Accreditation | Partners | Collaborators

We are organizational members of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Members of NAMA can receive PACE credits for completion of the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program

The Postnatal Support Network is our partner in research and awareness for postpartum care worldwide.

The Vaidyas were colleagues of the late Ysha Oakes, and help carry her work forward in their school.  Dr. V and Anupama are wonderful and teach online and in person in Colorado.

We are accredited through the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Accreditation Board.

Check out the Sacred Window Series of Episodes with Christine Eck and Tatiana Berindei, host of the Super Power Mommas Podcast!

We love teaching the Postpartum Care Module through Yoga Veda Institute!  Check out their programming for accessible Ayurveda education.

Bumpsuit's founder Nicole Trunfio has focused her business' mission on postpartum awareness.  With amazing products for pregnant, postpartum and all people's bodies, Bumpsuit is leading the way on conscious clothing and social change.

Founder, Laura Poole is passionately dedicated to conscious postpartum care and is gifting the world through her Vedic meditation training.


Your contribution to our work supports us in sustaining our scholarship program.  It reinforces the value of caregiving as essential work in our world.  It puts attention and importance on the first weeks of life post birth when the impact of one's experience is imprinted for decades to come.  

Your donation says, "The sacred postpartum window is important and conscious caregivers are a necessary part of improving care for mothers, birth givers, babies and families!"

Thank you.

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