Dual Certification

Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen


A Year of Study in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program

Specialize in Ancestral Food as Medicine for Postpartum with our Dual Certification in 2024!  Combine this beautiful training with the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program and save hundreds on your tuition!



This is for you...

For Birthworkers, Doulas, Herbalists, Farmers, Natural Health Chefs, and Caregivers
Food, Nourishment, Rituals, Botanicals, Pleasure,
Rejuvenation, Digestion, Warmth, Ancestral Connection, Grief, Trauma-Informed Care
  • Learn how to use Ayurveda wisdom to cook from your own ancestral background and customize recipes to any food culture in the world.Classical Indian recipes meets global comfort food
  • Classical Indian recipes meets global comfort food
  • Learn how to make Ghee from scratch, warming meat and lentil broths, energy dense laddoos (bliss balls), grain bowls and heirloom flatbreads, nourishing sweets and desserts, cooking with spices, herbal teas, crafting botanical oils and medicinal lattes.
  • In this exploration of foods, rituals, storytelling, ancestral healing, you will learn about navigating cultures with humility, intersectional activism, and postpartum justice rooted in pleasure and sensuality. Join like minded Postpartum Caregivers to create a new language of care and help heal new parents through nourishing food, nutrition and botanical medicine.


We believe that food is the ultimate love language. Cooking food for another is a sign of deep care, especially during vulnerable times such as illness or after birth. 


  • 5 Two Hour Live Online Workshops
  • Live Cooking Demos
  • Trauma Informed | Cultural Lens | Storytelling
  • Make Your Own Cookbook - tied to your stories, your land, your spirit, your emotions
  • Make Your Own Digestive Spice Blend - based on your constitutional needs
  • 2 Comprehensive Course Websites
  • Access to All Class Recordings
  • Supplemental Course Materials - PDF's, Videos, Tutorials and more

Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen Instructors

Taught by Roshni Kavate and Rebecca Servoss, birthworkers, nurses, Ayurvedic counselors, and grief experts who are passionate about the intersection of food and cultural care. We are excited to share with you our years of experience in postpartum care and our unique approach to postpartum healing.  


Roshni is an Artist, Nurse, Post Partum Ayurveda and Grief Expert with a degree in Nutrition from UC Berkeley and Nursing from NYU with over 12 years of experience. She is a guest instructor and student advisor at Sacred Window Studies


Rebecca Servoss is a NICU nurse, Certified Nurse Coach, and Ayurvedic Health Counselor. She is the author of Navigating the NICU for Post Partum Parents, a poet and mother to three children. Rebecca has certifications from Sacred Window Studies and Shakti Ayurveda School.

Student love...

“My takeaway was that food is so much more than a means to meet nutritional requirements & without the connection we lose so much of what the experience could be.”

“It makes me think of my job here where there is so much focus on nutrition, but not a lot of connection to culture. I would like here for us to be working toward a better understanding of different cultural nutrition values, as you said everyone does not need to eat the same food to receive the same nourishment.”

“Thank you so much for this! I am health focused chef and I feel so inspired from this conversation since I am deeply influenced by my Abuelitas cooking growing up and she did it with such love and intention and that made the food so pleasureable.”

I’m always searching for postpartum nutrition classes, I’m glad I attended this. Thank you! It makes me happy there is a community that focuses on healing with nutrition.”

Dual Postpartum Certification

Dual Certification

Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program + Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen Certification

$3494   $2222

Ancestral Kitchen Certification Only

$1597    $555

Add the Ancestral Kitchen Certification to your Program Choice at Checkout.  Payment Plans Available.

Want the Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen Certification for Free?!

Enroll in the Whole Path!

The Whole Path includes the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program AND a Year of Professional Mentoring in the Sacred Window Internship Circle.

2024 Ancestral Kitchen Workshop Dates

All Live Sessions are held on Fridays at 11am - 1pm Eastern Time US via Zoom

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Session 2


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Session 5


Dual Certification Includes...

Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program + Ancestral Kitchen Certification

The Ancestral Kitchen Workshop Sessions will occur alongside the Cooking for Postpartum Module in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Certification (CPC Program).  

CPC Live Sessions are held on Tuesdays (11am-1pm EDT) and Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen Live Sessions are held on Fridays (11am-1pm EDT).

  • A Full Year of Online Study in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program.  See Full Program Details Here.
  • 10 additional Hours of Live Online Instruction from Roshni Kavate + Rebecca Servoss in the Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen Curriculum including Trauma Informed Care, Story Medicine, Cultural Lens Care, Live Cooking Demos and more.
  • Develop your own cookbook and personalized Digestive Spice Blend - learn to customize these to the person you are caring for through the lens of their Ancestral line.
  • Two Comprehensive Course Websites available via the Sacred Window Studies Website with all recordings, supplemental materials and more.  Forever Access to all course content.

Specialize in Food as Medicine + Honor Ancestral Roots