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ENROLL in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program beginning January 16th.

Receive the Sacred Window Internship 12 month professional mentoring program FREE

Receive the Whole Path of Study and Mentorship with lifelong membership to our alumni and professional community at a $1000 discount.

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42% off 1 Year of Professional Mentoring

Are you a postpartum doula or caregiver already? Are you looking to build your professional practice or help take it to the next level?

Work with one of our mentors for 12 months of one on one customized business and caregiving support!

Directed by your goals and tailored to your needs.  Includes 12 monthly one on one sessions, forever membership to our professional community and access to our Online Hub with a huge archive of professional resources.

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2 for 1 Cookbooks

Purchase the beautiful Touching Heaven: Tonic Postpartum Care with Ayurveda by Ysha Oakes

And receive the new

Sacred Window Cookbook by our Founding Faculty here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies 


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Just want something for free?

We get it!

Please enjoy this beautiful free 5 day email course as our gift to you.

Learn about the essence of Conscious Postpartum Care from our Founder, Christine Eck.

Sacred Journey Email Course

Learn the Foundations of Postpartum Care with Ayurveda right to your inbox in 5 thoughtful emails containing video lectures and several valuable resources on each topic.

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"Currently, the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver program is taken by students all over the world, including expecting parents, birth professionals, alternative medicine professionals, and those called to work with new families. Students who have participated in the program are serving families in their local and online communities. They are creating access to information for postpartum and hands on care that otherwise would not be available."