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Universal Mother Principles

An Email Series designed to build a clear foundation to the care you offer (both to yourself and others )- in the sacred postpartum window, and in all the ways you give love in the world.

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Christine Devlin Eck, Director of the Center for Sacred Window Studies



What are these Universal Mother Principles you speak of???

They are the Foundation Stones of Postpartum (and human) care and wellness.

They come first.

NO amount of knowledge or expertise can offer results unless given on the secure platform of these sacred stones.

Postpartum is simply a transition.  A monumental one.  A Sacred one.

Transitions open the subtle body to sensory input on a magnified level.  It's quite honestly a super power!

Yet this openness can create susceptibility to big and confusing feelings such as being out of control, fearful, uncertain, without confidence, anxious, ungrounded and not like ourselves.

We are tethered to the natural world, both the seen and unseen aspects of it.  We are bound to the laws of creation. To experience healing and realization, we must be in flow with those laws.  

The Universal Mother Principles allow us to open to that flow, to experience our own natural state of being which is...health, love, joy, expansion, discovery and security.  (these are my words, but you may have others that describe your perfect state of being).

Join me in this Email Series that explores the foundations of care for new life - that acknowledges the reverence for the sacred postpartum window - that offers a pathway to being in flow with nature and our perfectly aligned selves.

Build your care of self and others around these principles to allow full realization of the skills you bring, the knowledge you carry, the gifts you offer...

I'm SO happy to connect with you in this way.

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I'm Christine, and I founded the Center for Sacred Window Studies in 2018 with some amazing women who are a family of instructors with me.

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I love to connect with people!  Do you have an idea for a collaboration, or need support as you explore your path.  I'm here for you.  Schedule a time with me here!