Sacred Window Postpartum Care Certification + Embodiment Retreat

Retreat Dates

July 15 - 20, 2024

Montague, Massachusetts
Learn + experience sacred window care

Gain vital and transformative postpartum care skills from the Ayurvedic perspective and other traditions around the world while you experience first hand the potent impact of sacred window care for postpartum and ALL the transitions in life.

EMBODY the care you wish to offer to others.  Leave inspired, transformed and nourished on a cellular level.

you will learn
  • Practitioner Given Postpartum Abhyanga, 6 position as well as a 2 sided version.
  • Postpartum Cooking + Nutrition specializing in managing Vata and Pitta Doshas 
  • Daily Support Routines using the Elements
  • Postpartum Marma Therapy
  • Lymphatic Massage and Breast Massage
  • Infant Abhyanga + Care Skills
  • Postpartum Herbal Preparations + Remedies
  • Swedena - Steam Therapy 
  • Belly Binding + Closing of the Bones
  • Ceremony, Meditation, Mantra, Yoga
  • Assessment of Self and Others (Agni, Doshas)
  • Doula Business Support and Mentoring
  • Breakout Sessions in Related Postpartum Topics
  • Leading with the Universal Mother Principles
Hands On Certification

Participants of the Sacred Window Postpartum Care Training + Embodiment Retreat will earn a Certificate of Completion from the Center for Sacred Window Studies.  


50 total curriculum hours may be earned toward other programs of study (Yoga Veda Institute, etc.) Inquire by email for details to christine@sacredwindowstudies.com. Preceptorship hours for Yoga Veda are approved for Client Encounters in observation and supervised practice.  PACE Credits (50) are earned for NAMA members.


Our instructing team, Ashlee Sakaishi-Wilkin, Julia Fishman, Charlotte Senseney-Sternkind, Christine Devlin Eck, and some very special guest facilitators will host this transformational and deeply integrated Conscious Postpartum Care Training. 

Our focus is on the aspects of care that are more difficult to learn online.  It is a perfect compliment to our online program and can also be taken by itself for excellent postpartum care skill building.

We are beyond excited to host this year's training at the Montague Retreat Center, in Montague, MA.

This historic property has housed authors, activists, many sacred events, a commune, and seekers of all kinds.  It has been lovingly restored over time by devoted caretakers and it's absolutely stunning today.  Learn more about the history of the Montague Retreat Center here.

Our learning spaces include the Great Hall, a large lower level treatment room, a roomy and efficient commercial kitchen, many acres of fields and outdoor spaces along the Mill River and a sacred grove with an ancient standing marker stone.

Our sleeping spaces include cabins, single bedrooms and dormitory spaces.  In addition, we are offering camping, commuter and day passes to allow for greater accessibility.

The Retreat Experience

If you’ve trained with us online, you know we strive to embody the Universal Mother Principles of intention, simplicity, flexibility, compassion, intuition, listening, grounding and non-judgement.
This retreat experience is the manifestation of these principles from how we welcome you, how we feed you, how we hear you, how we practice together, how we invite you to open up to this opportunity and how we celebrate the deeply rooted practice of caring for mothers and those who give birth.
AND…when combined with our Online Training and Professional Development, attendees have the opportunity to bundle and save on their tuition costs.
We are here to support you in strengthening your postpartum caregiving skills while offering you a one of a kind retreat experience that honors your journey and welcomes you as part of our sacred window studies family.

It was exactly what I needed to feel held and ready to dive into this work. As soon as I got back I set up a support group I've been wanting to cultivate in town. I'm slowly getting supplies and getting my business up and running. I feel like I learned more in those 5 days than my years of online schooling.

Emily Massachusetts

I just loved this. I hope to join you all again someday to refresh my skills! Thank you so much!! This has been the singular best training experience since I've been in the field, and has really re-jumpstarted my passion for offering this important work within my community!

Andrea - Massachusetts

I am so grateful to all of you and the tremendous amount of work you put into it. I came because I have learned so much from all of you not only through the coursework that you teach but by being in your presence and soaking up all your knowledge of how to live in the Ayurvedic way. For me that was really why I came. To learn all the things that you cannot learn from a textbook or in a classroom.

Lauren - Colorado

Retreat Packages

Abundance + Accessibility

Our mission is to ensure anyone who wishes to learn Hands On Care for postpartum families can participate at the level that works for them.  Choose the package that best supports your needs!

Whole Cabin 




Two Payment Plan Available by Request

  • Gather a group of up to 4 friends and split the cost of a cabin! ($1,111 each for a group of 4.) Cabin has 2 single and 1 double bed. Email christine@sacredwindowstudies.com to split the payments between a group.
  • All Meals
  • Full Training for every guest.

Single Bedroom



Two Payment Plan Available by Request

  • All Meals
  • Full Training
  • Optional: Split a room with a friend.  There is 1 full size bed. Added fee for second person. Total for each person is $1333. Email christine@sacredwindowstudies.com to split the payment between 2 people.

Shared Bedroom




Two Payment Plan Available by Request

  • All Meals
  • Full Training
  • Can request to be placed with a friend

Camping + Commuter


Two Payment Plan Available by Request

  • All meals
  • Full Training
  • Day time use of retreat center and bathroom use + use of grounds for camping

Are you a student or alum of the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program?

Email Christine for your SPECIAL STUDENT + ALUMNI RATE of $1444 for a Shared Bedroom Package.  (This rate is for a dormitory option and not a single room or cabin package.) 

Payment Plans Available

email christine@sacredwindowstudies.com

More Options

Day Pass

Attend the retreat for one or more individual days.

  • Meals for the day included
  • Training for the day included
  • Daytime use of property
  • Digital Copy of Cookbook


289 per day

virtual pass

Access to live trainings throughout the retreat on zoom.

  • Facilitated virtual support
  • Access to Online Hub with Recordings of all Sessions
  • Digital Copy of Cookbook + Workbook




One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • List Element




One sentence summary of what they get.

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • X number of bonuses



Work Study Scholarships are Available!

Share you skills during the retreat and receive a 20% discount on your package.

Available Positions

Kitchen Support

Work closely with our instructors and kitchen crew throughout the week to prepare and present our consciously prepared meals.  Benefits include an up and personal view and hands on experience creating these delicious dishes!

Technology | Communication | Content Creation

Work closely with Christine to facilitate the recording and operation of our zoom meetings for virtual pass holders.

Document our retreat with photography of the experience from the food we eat, the training sessions, the environment around us, and whatever inspires!  Take short videos of special moments that help capture the feel of the retreat. Help us share this experience with others through original sharing.  Your authentic perspective is beautiful and valued. Your excitement and enthusiasm is more important than expertise.

General Retreat Support

Support with logistics, set up and breakdown of teaching and gathering spaces, light clean up, etc.

Every effort will be made to support these helpers in attending the training sessions though it is possible that kitchen support may need to miss small parts of them.  These positions will have shared accommodations, all meals and training plus access to the Hands On Training Online Hub with recordings.


Email christine@sacredwindowstudies.com to inquire.

Questions? Let's Chat!

Want more information to help you decide which option is the best for you?  Do you have general questions about the retreat or our programs we can answer for you?  Schedule an appointment with our director, Christine Eck with the link below.

Are you unable to attend the retreat but would like to certify as a Conscious Postpartum Caregiver?

Retreat Goodies!

Full Retreat Attendees receive some extras including:

  • a copy of our beautiful retreat cookbook
  • an expansive training workbook
  • other fun goodies to nourish you during your stay and beyond
  • access to our Hands On Training Online Hub with recordings of all the in person trainings

Daily Themes

Each day has a morning practice, a bodywork component, a featured week postpartum which guides the food principles, and an element + universal mother principle that is explored and embodied.  There is open space for practice or privacy in the afternoons and a nourishing evening gathering.


Monday 7/15:  Arrival Day.  Week One Postpartum.  Ether Element.  Listening + Intuition.


Tuesday 7/16:  Week Two Postpartum.  Marma Therapy for Postpartum.  Air Element.  Intention.


Wednesday 7/17:  Week Three Postpartum.  Postpartum Abhyanga.  Fire Element.  Non-Judgement + Compassion.


Thursday 7/18: Week Four Postpartum.  Lymphatic Massage + Steam Application.  Water Element.  Flexibility + Resilience.


Friday 7/19: Week Five Postpartum.  Infant Abhyanga.  Earth Element.  Simplicity + Grounding.


Saturday 7/20:  Departure Day.  Week Six Postpartum.  Balance.  Next Steps.

Retreat Special Features - NEW in 2024!

Daily yoga, meditation, mantra, music and sacred practice to support your learning and integration experience.

Breakout sessions in related caregiving topics from guest instructors and wise women.  All sessions are recorded for later viewing.

Business Skills development and support on important topics such as client generation, services, pricing, marketing and sales.

Receive as much bodywork as you choose!  You will have the chance to practice on one another. Leave this retreat glowing and ready to give back to the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Airport Transport:  While we cannot pay for airport transport, there are a variety of affordable options including rental car, ride share, private limo, bus or carpool.  We will work with our students to align shared rides and will make sure everyone arrives smoothly.  The closest airport is Bradley International in Hartford, CT.  Logan International Airport in Boston, MA is the second closest.


Food:  Your food is included in your retreat costs.  A major part of our retreat curriculum is cooking instruction.  Attendees will all get the opportunity to become familiar with amazing postpartum appropriate recipes that we will share together at meal times. Expect to spend some time working together in the kitchen with your fellow attendees and mastering some new cooking skills!


What to bring:  We provide a detailed packing list as we get closer to the retreat.


Sleeping Arrangements:  There are a variety of sleeping arrangements.  Every student will have their own bed either in a dormitory style room, double room, private room or shared cabin.  A cabin can also be reserved fully at the Cabin Rate to house a small family if you needed to bring a partner or children.  Commuter student spaces are available for students who wish to find alternate accommodations in the area or travel with partners and families.  Camping and Day Passes are available.  There are local Air BnB's, home rentals, Inns and Hotels in the area for commuter students who wish to stay off site.


Hands On Practice:  You will be given the opportunity to practice the hands on body work multiple times as well as receive the body work if you choose.  


Cancellation:  If we need to cancel the retreat for any reason, your retreat costs will be refunded in full.  If you decide you are unable to attend, we are unable to refund your costs but are happy to allow you to apply those costs to a future retreat or online study.  

Have another question?  Please email us at christine@sacredwindowstudies.com!

Exclusive for Hands On Training Students!

Save hundreds on the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program when you add it on to your retreat package at 42% off.

What are your dreams for this learning opportunity?  What are your barriers?

We believe if there is a will there is a way.

Reach out!  Let us know how we can support you in your learning goals, either in person or online!