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Online Certification Program + Professional Mentoring

How do I begin?

Decide which path of
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ALL of our enrollment options come with forever membership to the Postpartum Care Collective, our directory, and professional community.

Certification + Mentorship

Choose this path if you want to be certified and supported as you begin practicing your new skills with clients.

The Whole Path
  • Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program
  • Sacred Window Internship Circle Professional Mentoring
  • Postpartum Care Collective Membership

Tuition in Full  $2799

12 Payment Plan $249/mo.


Choose this path if you want to be certified but do not need one on one mentoring.

  • Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program
  • Postpartum Care Collective Membership

*Begin immediately and join the live classes at one of 5 start dates throughout the year.

Tuition in Full $1897

12 Payment Plan $189/mo

Professional Mentorship

Choose this path if you do not need certification but do want support and mentoring in your professional postpartum care practice.

Internship Circle
  • Sacred Window Internship Circle Professional Mentoring
  • Postpartum Care Collective Membership

Tuition in Full $1209

12 Payment Plan $120

Learn life long skills from the Ayurvedic perspective on the 

sacred postpartum window.


I have experienced this care after the birth of 3 of my children.  I have practiced it for over 13 years and have been teaching it for over 10 years.  What I have discovered is that the principles of care are relevant well beyond the sacred postpartum window.  I have gained a guidebook for life, tools to bring renewal and rejuvenation anytime I need it as a busy mom and caregiver.  I can't emphasize enough how foundational these teachings have been in my life as a person wanting to feel and be my best for those I love and serve.

Christine Eck, founder and director

The Whole Path

This is our most supported model of study.  The Whole Path offers you all three of the below programs to learn, implement and expand your postpartum caregiving skills and practice at an incredible discount.

Our flagship professional training program for sacred postpartum care is a year long, flexible learning journey. Attend online classes live or watch the recordings. Work at a pace that is nourishing for you and receive support from instructors throughout. Each section of the program contains a variety of required and optional projects and study materials to support the live classes and workshops. Creating community in an online program is very important to us. Students are invited to engage in Breakout Study Circles with their peers, participate in weekly discussion forums and have access to instructors for individual check-ins whenever needed.

Upcoming 2024 Start Dates:
September 10th

Learn More about the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program Here!  

The Internship Circle is a year long personalized professional mentoring program.  Our instructing team provides a monthly online mentoring session catered to your goals, needs and experiences. Your lead mentor will meet with you monthly to guide and support you in manifesting and implementing the caregiving practice that is right for you. In addition to live mentoring, Interns receive access to an online hub with an archive of Guest Mentor Sessions by topic, Mentoring Guides and a host of additional professional tools and resources.  Take this program on its own, or if part of the Whole Path, begin your Internship as soon as you feel ready to begin working with clients.

Students may begin the Internship Circle as soon as they are ready to work with clients or begin working in/growing their practice.

Learn More About the Internship Circle Here!

Postpartum care collective

The Postpartum Care Collective is our online Community of Conscious Postpartum Caregivers.  This Collective houses alums of our program and many other professionals working with new families who have studied elsewhere.  It is a vibrant membership community that is focused on making connections and strengthening the field of postpartum care.  We are committed to connecting caregivers with the families who need them.  Our membership website houses a growing library of professional resources for postpartum caregivers.  You will be part of an online directory of caregivers that can be accessed by families searching for care.  Members are invited to continuing education opportunities monthly and quarterly for free as a student and alum.

Learn More About the Postpartum Care Collective Here

Learn In Person!

Combine Your Online Studies With Our Hands On Retreat

The Hands on Training Retreat is a unique experience of gaining hands on caregiving skills while experiencing first hand a sacred window of your own.  Participants are forever changed and renewed in their personal and professional goals!

It was exactly what I needed to feel held and ready to dive into this work. As soon as I got back I set up a support group I've been wanting to cultivate in town. I'm slowly getting supplies and getting my business up and running. I feel like I learned more in those 5 days than my years of online schooling.


Massachusetts, US

Our Hands on Training is Magical

Join us July 15 - 20th

Montague Retreat Center

Montague, Massachusetts

“I’ve taken a LOT of classes over more than 20 years, in multiple fields of academic education and holistic modalities, both online and in person. The value for money and application to daily life that the Postpartum Caregiver Program brings to students is above and beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. I’m blown away by the content and the support available. Every doula, midwife, doctor or parent-to-be would benefit from the knowledge and practice shared here. Thank you for raising the standard of provision, in so many ways, and bringing true, timeless value to the world at large.”

Oum Ibrahim
Spring 2021 Student, U.K.

This experience has been a catalyst to get my mind and energy focused and have the practical skills and the emotional encouragement to keep going down this path of postpartum caregiving. There were so many moments that I felt divine inspiration flooding through me as I studied, participated in a lecture, reflected on the content, or shared what I was learning with clients. It was the perfect next step on my journey and wove together many seemingly disparate aspects of my learning. I feel prepared and kindled in bringing what I’ve learned into the world in a way that deeply supports the shifting paradigm of what it means to mother, to be nourished, and to live as a harmonious human being on this garden planet Earth.

Kate Lindsay

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you teach?

We teach caregiving skills for the first weeks after a baby is born.  Our focus is on the mother or birth giver, and supporting a whole path to healing including the body, mind, spirit and senses.  We honor this incredible life transition and all the ways that can look for families! Our caregiving skills include daily routine and support tools for managing common postpartum issues, cooking and herbal support food preparation specific to postpartum nutritional needs, therapeutic body care skills for mothers or birth givers and babies, and much more!  Our background is from the Ayurvedic perspective and our program draws from these foundational principles.


Can I do both the Hands on Retreat and the Online Training?

Yes!  Hands on Training attendees get a special 42% discount on our online training and mentoring programs.

What is the Postpartum Care Collective?

This is our Directory of postpartum caregivers along with our Membership Community.  Students and Alumni are forever members of this Collective and it is open to anyone who practices.  Features include a free directory listing, attendance to quarterly events such as Case Study Circles and Skill Share Workshops + a gorgeous Online Hub filled with exclusive learning content for postpartum professionals.


What is the Sacred Window Internship Circle?

This is our professional mentoring program.  It is open to any of our graduates or graduates of other programs in postpartum care. It is designed to give you support, accountability, and feedback as you build your professional practice and begin working with clients in your community.  Learn more here!  It can be bundled with the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program when you select the Whole Path. 


How many live online classes are there and how often do we meet with instructors?

There are 16 sections in the year long cycle of the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program.  Each section contains one Live Class Workshop and one Discover Office Hour.  Recordings of all live classes and office hours are available on the Student Website. The entire program is over the course of one year with breaks in December, July and August as well as a week of Spring Recess.  Students may choose their start date as it aligns with their life and availability.  Students cycle through the program until all Sections have been completed.   Students may schedule with an instructor one on one anytime if the live classes do not work for them.   Live classes are approximately 1-2 hours in length.  The live classes are designed to be interactive and participatory. Students will be given a checklist of recorded lectures and supplemental materials to review for each section. We will base our activities and discussion directly on the course material from the checklist.  Self paced students may follow their own pace of the program and join as many or as few of the live classes as works for them.


What are the program requirements?

Engagement with instructors and other students as well as completion of 4 final projects.  Each project is extremely doable and geared to be put into use as you begin practicing postpartum care with families.  There are short quizzes at the end of each section.  There is no final exams.


What are the live classes like?

Live classes are dynamic and will always include open conversation and discussion about key areas of the curriculum.  They may include individual or small group activities, examples, case studies, special guests, workshop style learning and more.  Students should come to the live classes prepared to engage!


When can I start?

You can start anytime!  We enroll students all year long. You do not have to begin at Section One of the program. This is a cyclical learning experience, and you may begin at the part of the cycle you enter in at, and continue around the rotation of Course Sections.  While many will begin with Module One, students begin their journey at their personal pace and timing.  There are several recommended start dates throughout the year.  Self Paced Students may begin anytime.  Enroll today and get familiar with the student website before beginning with the live classes on our recommended start dates.


What will I be certified as?

Once all requirements are met and tuition has been paid, students will receive a Certificate as a Conscious Postpartum Caregiver.  Your hours and areas of study will be designated on your Certificate as a 200 hour program of study in the areas of Postpartum Care Foundations, Foundations of Ayurveda, Cooking for Postpartum, Ayurvedic Touch for Postpartum and Professional Practice in Postpartum Care.  The doula/caregiver field is not a licensed profession, therefore, professionals may call themselves by what resonates most with them within the non medical scope of the field.  (ex. Ayurdoula, postpartum doula, postpartum caregiver, Ayurvedic postpartum doula, etc.)


Do I receive a physical Certificate?

Yes!  Your Certificate will be sent once all above requirements are complete, and total tuition has been submitted.


Is the Center for Sacred Window Studies accredited?

We are accredited under IPHM, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine based in the U.K.  We are Organizational Members of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.  


How long should I expect to spend studying each week?

We encourage students to set aside approximately 5 hours per week to devote to your studies.  Students get the most out of their program when they are able to plan ahead for when these hours will happen, identify what support they need in order to have that time, and know how they wish to spend that time.  The breaks in the program year allow students to integrate what they have learned, review materials and content as well as catch up on any missed sections of the program.


How long is the program?

The live classes run approximately 4 times per month for 1 year with no live classes in December, July and August. Should a student wish to self pace their studies, all the teaching material is located on the student website and students may move at the pace they choose. The requirements remain the same whether someone completes the program in one year, 6 months, or 2+ years.  If a student needs additional time past the one year mark, they may purchase an extension or take advantage of our restart + re-energize opportunity.


Can I finish sooner?

Yes!  If all final projects are completed, tuition paid and engagement in the program has been active, a student can complete the program early.  Instructors will let students know if they need to schedule an exit interview in order to assess the student’s comprehension.  


Is the Hands On Training required?

No, the Hands On Training Retreat is encouraged as a way to experience the cooking and herbal support practices as well as the postpartum body work we teach.  It is an incredible retreat designed to have you experience sacred window care with all of your senses while you gain confidence in practicing the skills you will offer to others.  We recognize that travel is not always accessible to students.  The online training certification can stand alone.  


How long do I have access to the course materials?

Forever!  Once you enroll in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program, you will maintain access to the student website after your program is complete.


Do you offer Scholarships?

We offer a Study Scholarship Program for our Certification and Internship programs.  Scholarships are for ⅓ or ⅔ of tuition and students complete a checklist of projects to support the Center for Sacred Window Studies in exchange.  Learn more about the Work Study Scholarship Program Here.


Can I retake the program at a discount?

Yes!  Should you wish to go through the live online training again, alums have a special offer called the Restart + Re-energize fee, a HUGE discount and another opportunity to complete your Certification.  This is a very popular option as our alums love reconnecting and being re-inspired.


What support do you offer alumni?

Our alums are very important to us!  As a student of the Center for Sacred Window Studies, you are a forever member of the Postpartum Care Collective.  We host member only events throughout the year such as Case Study Circles and Skill Share events.  Members have access to a huge online portal with an archive of professional and educational talks related to postpartum.  We highlight the practices of our members and give you paid speaking opportunities.  Our alums are invited to attend live all Guest Lectures presented after they graduate.  Alums can revisit their student website to access all the great material in your program.


What am I qualified to do after receiving Certification through the Center for Sacred Window Studies?

You will have the foundational and practical knowledge to give hands on care to someone during the first weeks and months postpartum.  This includes a toolbox of support measures and helpful routines, nutritional principles and cooking skills, herbal support foods and routines, bodywork practices for mothers, birth givers and babies, and much more.  You are ready to practice!


What will I learn?

What type of online platform do you use?

Students have access to a beautiful student website accessed directly from this website.  When logged in, students will be able to navigate directly to their course websites.  Each student will have access to both the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program website as well as the Postpartum Care Collective Membership Hub filled with additional postpartum resources.  The websites are easy to navigate and each section of your course has its own materials and activities to engage in. Discussion pages are within each section for students to engage with each other while they explore the material.  Everything you need to navigate the program is housed on the student website.


What type of learning content do students use?

Our live classes are the heart of the program.  They are designed to be thoughtful, engaging and fun.  The student website holds recorded video lectures, course notes, supplemental reading assignments, optional practicum assignments, journal prompts, discussion questions, recorded Guest Lectures, supplemental resources and more!  Students choose what combination of materials best supports their learning. Not everything is required.  Prioritize the live classes, video lectures, office hours, meeting with your breakout study partners, the discussion questions and the final projects.  Fill in with the supplemental materials.  You have forever access to this website, so you may return at any time.


What are Breakout Study Circles?

We connect students by region as a way for you to meet others in the program and enrich your studies through exploration of the material together.  Some incredible friendships and partnerships have been formed through these groups!  They are optional and totally flexible.  They are a highlight of the program for many.


How long do I have to complete the program?

Your program is one year.  We give students 3 months post program to complete all of your 4 final projects and turn them in to your instructors.  If you need a 3 month extension, it is available for purchase.  If you would like to retake the program to complete your requirements, we give an amazing discount to our alums.


Work Study Scholarship Program

Earn a 1/3 or 2/3 tuition scholarship when you partner with our team on meaningful projects aligned with your background, passions and the mission of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

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Not interested in certification but still want to learn more?

Introductory Course

Postpartum Care with Ayurveda

Learn the basics of Postpartum Care with Ayurveda in our self paced introductory course!  Perfect for those wanting a taste before diving in deeper.  Explore the content on our Course Website and enjoy forever access!


Just for Expecting Parents

Empowered Postpartum Preparation!

Perfect as a gift for expecting parents or anyone eager to take good care of their loved one when their baby is born.  Enjoy forever access to our beautiful course website, free recipe book for postpartum meals and everything you need to plan a very special and sacred postpartum window.


One on One Mentoring!

Our Instructing Team is available for one on one mentoring sessions via video conferencing!

If you are entering the field, in the field, or thinking about it, we are here to spend time with you and answer your questions.  Each of our Team members has a professional background in Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiving as well as a diverse set of skills and professional experiences.  We’re happy to help support you!

Words from some of our students...

“I am so grateful that I did the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver certification training. The teachers are all so beautiful, experienced, and amazingly supportive. They have set a high bar of integrity and compassion and that filters into the entire program. Because of this all of the students showed up and connected with each other authentically and overall created a safe womb space to learn this vital knowledge.”


“I really grasped a deeper understanding of the gunas and how to incorporate ayurveda into my everyday life. I also challenged myself to reevaluate my doula service and I feel more confident about my practice because of this program. Thank you! I hope to work more with you all in the future!”


“I have found the practicum assignments very helpful in implementing the education and thinking about how to apply personally and in my professional practice serving mamas. All of it had value, purpose and integration into my previous understanding and newfound deeper understanding of Ayurveda.”


“I think you did a great job having us embody this work as best as one could in an online course. I don’t think it was too much or too little. It was doable. I am so grateful for the internship program so I can apply all of this with the support and guidance of this incredible team!!!”


Not sure what the best path is for you?  We love nothing more than to connect with students!  We can answer your questions and support your process.  Reach out!  Email Christine at christine@sacredwindowstudies.com or schedule a time to meet via zoom here.

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