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A Membership for professionals in the field of Conscious Postpartum Care, and for those passionate about learning and caregiving. The Postpartum Care Collective Membership Hub houses an archive of educational talks, professional resources, and exclusive membership events such as Yoga for Caregivers, and Case Study Circle recordings.

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For emerging and practicing postpartum caregivers to receive support as they build and begin practicing with clients. Stepping into a new professional role can feel intimidating. Now, you have a community behind you as you craft the Postpartum Care Practice of your dreams. The practice that fits you, your life, your gifts, your goals - we are here to help you realize the visions and plans you have, continue your education and keep you motivated each step of the way.

Pursuing the field of Conscious Postpartum Care with Ayurveda and other traditional care principles supports individuals, families and culture at large. This work is vital! The knowledge and dedication you put into your practice can benefit not only the clients you work with, but fuel your capacity to deliver conscious self care at the same time. We are guided in growing this profession by centering on the caregiver. When you are sustained by your efforts, you are able to better support those around you.

We're here to listen, to guide, to inspire, take you step by step, to give suggestions, to offer stories and experiences, to connect you with the right resources, and to have your back as you work one on one with clients, or design a postpartum practice that goes beyond direct caregiving. All of it is needed and relevant.

If you are ready to practice, we're ready to support!

14 Parts - Advanced

For Parents

Not started

A course for expecting parents, those who will be caring for someone postpartum, or those seeking a deeper introduction to the sacred postpartum window.

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For those wishing to certify as Conscious Postpartum Caregivers. Our Flagship Professional Training Program in Conscious Postpartum Care Inspired by Ayurvedic Principles.

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Intro Course

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For those beginning the exploration into Conscious Postpartum Care. Learn foundational principles of conscious postpartum care through an Ayurvedic lens.

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