Day Five of Your Sacred Journey

Herbal Support Foods | Routines for Healing + Balance

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Today, we’ll talk about herbal support for postpartum healing. Food is medicine, and what we put in our bodies can either hurt it or support it. We use herbs and spices to help us enjoy, process, and digest foods, but specifically, we will look at herbs and spices to support postpartum healing.  Building an herbal support routine is very effective. In today's lesson, you’ll receive information and ideas that you can implement into your herbal support routine and share with loved ones.

Bonus Resources!

Herbal Support Food Recipes

Our go to postpartum herbal food recipes taught to us by Ysha Oakes, the founder of the original Sacred Window School.  This resource comes directly from our Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Course Content.

Preparing for Postpartum Checklist

A helpful guide to use during pregnancy.

Thank you so much for journeying with us. We hope you have enjoyed exploring our meaningful work at the Center for Sacred Window Studies. Many of us are mothers who came into this work because of our own postpartum healing journey. As caregivers, we strive to use the concepts of Ayurveda to bring balance and vitality to a birther’s sacred window. This work sets generations up for health, joy, and longevity. We invite you to share what you’ve learned with others so that we can shift the current dynamics of postpartum recovery together.

Explore a Professional Path

If you’re thinking about journeying deeper and becoming a Professional, Conscious Postpartum Caregiver,  we would be thrilled to support you! In tomorrow’s video, meet some of our former students who have turned their education into a successful practice, caring for and supporting families in her community. At the end of the video, we will answer some common FAQs about the program.

Education and Mentorship

The Center for Sacred Window Studies provides a full year-long and in-depth journey through Conscious Postpartum Caregiving. It leaves its graduates with plenty of support and tools needed to start their practice confidently. We even have a Mentorship Program that enables graduates to connect, network, continue their education, and be featured in our directory.

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Then this path is for you!  We are here in support of your learning journey.

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Me (Christine), and my beautiful neice...the sacred postpartum window extends far beyond my own - it's a blessing I am able to share with so many others.

I believe firmly that the students who need us will find us. We try our best to navigate the world of business with integrity, and I will never pressure students to take this path of study if it does not resonate with them or offer them what they are looking for.

When we find a program that is right for us, we light up inside, we are excited and can't wait to learn more.  If you are feeling this, then let us support you in continuing that momentum!  If not, I deeply hope that you have found value from this Sacred Journey course into conscious postpartum care.  

My calling in this work is ALL about raising awareness which will in turn create opportunities for better postpartum care on many levels.  This free course is driven by that goal, and your participation means so much.

If you are feeling ready to dive deeper into the foundational aspects of Postpartum Care, Ayurveda, Nutrition and Cooking, Herbal Support, Bodywork and Professional Practice related to Conscious Postpartum Caregiving, this curriculum will give you a world of options for caring for others and yourself in diverse ways - it is truly life changing!  Please enroll today, or schedule a time to meet with me - we can support you in making this heartfelt decision in the way it feels most nurturing for you!

Thank you for taking this journey!

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