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Awareness | The Elements | Nature's Plan

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Traditional healing systems like Ayurveda acknowledge that what is happening around us in the Universe and in nature is reflected inside us. By understanding the elements of nature within us, we can make better choices moment by moment in how we balance and nourish ourselves every day. Over time, when practicing this, care becomes very intuitive. 

Every person is different and is affected differently by the environment, climate, outside circumstances, etc. When we birth a baby, a natural shift happens with the elements to help us connect and bond with our new baby. This is such an exciting and overwhelming time for new mothers, as it is such a profound transition.

Bonus Resources!

Empowered Postpartum Care Essentials

A Resource taken from our course content.

Raising Awareness for Postpartum Care

A Panel Discussion with Leading Community Members

Caitlyn's Story

I wanted to share a little on my reflections as a midwife, and learning afresh and anew through this postpartum care course. The concept of the beginner's mind has been revolutionary for me. This course has awoken a new beauty for me around the postpartum window. I have always felt and known that this time is sacred. However since I have started this course, it has just dropped to a whole new level for me. I haven't only felt my practice shift and change in the postpartum time. My energy at births and at antenatal visits has shifted too. I have also been noticing unfolding with new eyes and a new heart. Partly I feel it's because Ayurveda has reignited my commitment to care for self and in turn has inspired me to inspire and support the women and people around me to do the same for themselves. I have added sesame and castor oil to my midwifery bag. I am mixing more herbs and I am listening and seeing on a deeper level. It has been hard too as I have reflected on my own sacred windows and my 3 beautiful children and can totally see correlations between the then and now. I have shed tears and felt certain losses, however I am so clear that judgement of that time is not going to help or support myself or my children and where we are now. Through these experiences, I can support those going through their sacred window now with felt holding, compassion and love. The practices shared in this course of getting to know myself more intimately is so beautiful and so fortifying and such a testimony that my ability to care for myself becomes the quality of how I can care for those around me. Thank you all at Center for Sacred Window Studies. With gratitude and love.

Caitlyn Collins - Cape Town, South Africa

Explore the Sacred Window Podcast!

Praise and Testimonials

Thank you all so much for your incredible commitment to sharing this valuable information in an effort to bring peace, stability, love and health to families worldwide. Your dedication is inspiring and is sure to change millions of lives!

2020 Student

I really grasped a deeper understanding of the gunas and how to incorporate Ayurveda into my everyday life. I also challenged myself to reevaluate my doula service and I feel more confident about my practice because of this program. Thank you! I hope to work more with you all in the future!

Lorna Dufour

I am so grateful that I did this training. The teachers are so beautiful, experienced, and amazingly supportive. They have set a high bar of integrity and compassion and that filters into the entire program. The students showed up and connected with each other authentically and overall created a safe womb space to learn this vital knowledge.

Tanya Rayven

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