Day Three of Your Sacred Journey

Nourishment | Healing Foods | Digestion as an Essential Component

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Today, we will explore eating during the sacred postpartum window and healing foods that are essential for recovery and strength. 

When we have a baby, our digestive fire is greatly impacted, and what we may have eaten prior to birth might not be as easy for us to digest or receive nourishment from. On the other hand, certain foods we can eat during the postpartum window can be extremely healing and beneficial for the mother.

Reflect on your relationship with food. What are your background and ancestry? What nourishes you, specifically? Discover how to apply these principles to eating during the postpartum window.

Bonus Resources!

First Days' Rice Pudding

Our favorite and beautifully adaptable recipe for immediate postpartum and anytime!

Cooking for Different Diets

Directly from our Course Content, this bonus lecture from Ashlee Sakaishi Wilkin explores how to serve a variety of dietary needs using the principles of postpartum cooking.

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