Day Two of Your Sacred Journey

Foundation | Routine | Setting Up for Success

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Today, we will explore routines we can implement during the sacred postpartum window. These routines will help balance the heightened energies during this delicate time. 

Not only is what you will learn helpful if you’re a Postpartum Caregiver or plan to be, but it’s also something that you can do in your life, applying Ayurveda to your personal daily routine as part of a more healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Increasing the elements of fire, water, and earth will really help to stay grounded in the body so they can tap into the sacred gifts that are offered during this window of time. Allowing the mother to rest and relish in this opportunity creates space for more connection and bonding with her baby and sets them up for lifelong health and longevity. 

Bonus Resources!

Postpartum Pranayama Tutorial

Learn two easy and transformational breathing techniques safe for the postpartum window.

Herbal Sitz Bath Infusion Guide

Try one of the beautiful and easy ways to use an herbal infusion for healing after birth or anytime!

Amanda's Story

Studying with Sacred Window studies has been an extremely enlightening experience on so many levels. I am a yoga and meditation teacher and a mother of 3 myself. I felt a deep calling to learn more about this work to facilitate this knowledge for my own family, for my daughter if she one day chooses to become a mother. This work feels like it is life altering and a way in which we can heal our fractured society.

The course felt so well rounded and all the teachers had such a passion and depth of knowledge that was shared so openly. I feel that this work is a lifelong study but I learned so much about me and new ways of "mothering" myself, adapting my own self care using the Ayurvedic principles. When we utilize these tools within our own lives we are able to serve from a deeper, more grounded space. I feel deeply inspired that when supported in this period, this right of passage, we have the potential to create deep lifelong change within our bodies, minds and lives, therefore within our society.

I am using this time to really think about what way I want to structure my offerings so that it works around my family life and is also of great service to the community. This is something that was focused on throughout the cohort. It's refreshing to be amongst women who understand the importance of balance within the family life and life of service within the community. This consideration within itself has shifted so much for me.

I believe when we begin by mothering the mother through the postpartum period we can then learn to create and prioritize the wellbeing of the mother not only for the first 6 weeks but for the early years of a child's life where so much support is needed in raising, caring and tending to a child's many needs. We are re-learning to create the village, to create the container for a mother to learn and grow amongst the support she needs -- and that she is not alone. We are instead empowering her through deep love and care to know she is completely capable to be the mother she needs to be for her child. Deep gratitude SWS xx 

Amanda Curmi - Sydney, Australia 

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