A Seasonal Support Circle for Establishing a Balancing Routine Perfect for YOU.

Join us for a 2 month journey into creating your personal routine that offers balance, resilience, and the ability to radiate your best. 

Be held by a loving and safe community and discover the ways to feel amazing while navigating aspects of life that may impede our achieving what we wish to experience.

For anyone ready to make meaningful shifts in their routine to support their personal well being today.

Begins February 1, 2024. 1pm EST

Sacred Seasons

An intimate, guided community space focused on applying Conscious Care based on the environmental season and your unique needs.  

We understand life continually unfolds unavoidable things, and it is also possible to cultivate deep space for honoring balance and sustainability each day.

As conscious caregivers, we understand balance yet applying it can be difficult.  

Sacred Seasons is a chance to be supported, deeply heard, and proactive as you do the important dual work of living life in your body and caring for others to the fullest of your ability.

What are you holding back?  Where are you ignoring your needs?  How can you open further to experience the fullness of being you carry inside?

We'll help you discover that.

This is a practical space designed for powerful insight and applicable tools.  It is a loving circle to hold us as we do the work. 

Your Seasonal Membership Cost is Your Choice.

Pay from your heart.

$180 | $98 | $49

meet euni.

euni (she/they) is a longtime collaborator and loving supporter of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.  She has served as a student, consultant, strategist, artist, instructor, mentor and photographer for our community.  

euni is also a multi-disciplinary artist who facilitates embodied healing + intentional intimacy practices as a ritual. She curates trauma informed somatic centered sessions, educational resources + experiences, workshops, and retreats founded on principles of kink, BDSM, non-monogamy, healing in sexual identity, cultural reverence, ecopsychology, herbal medicine, spiritual ideologies, and socioeconomic intersectionality to inform and inspire collaborative creative expression.

In our Sacred Seasons community, euni creates a space for connectivity, contemplation and loving action. We may not be able to navigate away from external factors in our lives, but we can create paths for inner resilience with thoughtful choices, an intentional plan and support from a safe and guided circle.

How do we design a manageable and sustainable care practice?

  • We hone into what we can control
  • We connect to our energetic body
  • We connect to our sexual body
  • No matter what our lives are characterized by, we can create ways to nourish the hard parts
  • We pay attention to the seasons and the natural cycles we experience
  • We make a loving commitment to ourselves in choosing routines to balance us
  • We don't do it alone, we are inspired and sustained

Wellness culture can feel dismissive.  We may feel like we are not really holding enough space, or not trying hard enough.  We may not feel we are disciplined enough.  
There are aspects to culture and society that keep us unwell.
This is a space to build resiliency, hope + the strength to try.  We are creating ways of caring for self and others even though life might still feel hard.

What You’ll Get During Your Sacred Season

Live Sessions

4 Sessions, Every other week

Feb. 1, 15, 29 and Mar. 14 at 1pm eastern time

Live on Zoom hosted by euni together with the Your Sacred Season Community.

Recorded Resources

Learn teachings and tools on your perfect schedule throughout Your Sacred Season.

Guided Activities

In between our live sessions, follow guided activities, templates and prompts to connect with your self, set your intentions and stay accountable.

Build a Guided Toolkit

Through initiation and personalization, we support you in crafting a Sacred Care Plan that reflects your unique needs.

Sacred Seasons Includes...

Tangible tools
Accessible recordings
Live integration

Follow Up Activities

Winter into Spring | Vata and Kapha Balancing
Attention to your unique needs
Building routines 2 weeks at a time

Loving and safe community


Commit to the Sacred in your Life this Season

We Begin February 1st, 2024 at 1pm EST