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The mission of the Center for Sacred Window Studies Blog is to serve as a robust resource for the global postpartum community. We aim to:

  • Educate and empower parents, professionals, and advocates about postpartum wellness, care, and preparation.
  • Inspire reverence for the sacred window and families in this time through sharing positive postpartum stories and perspectives.
  • Illuminate the realities of the postpartum experience through sharing real-life stories of joy and challenge, always centering on healing and growth.
  • Highlight the beautiful work of conscious postpartum caregivers who are part of this paradigm shift.

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women friends

Working towards social & political change around postpartum care & culture around the world


Posts that focus on the wisdom, applications, & perspectives of Ayurveda

Bodywork, Yoga & Meditation

hands in mudras

Bodywork, Yoga, & Meditation practices supportive to the childbearing & postpartum body/psyche

Conscious Postpartum Caregiving

Supportive blog posts for the work of Postpartum Caregiving: stories, perspectives & interviews from the field

Families & Communities

family meal

Support for postpartum families & their communities

Herbal Wisdom

Herbal wisdom for nurturing the childbirth spectrum; Guidance on nourishing herbs for the postpartum birther

Mama Stories

Real Birth & Postpartum Stories that share insight, healing transformations, emotional richness & inspiration


Partner perspectives + support especially for partners and couples

Postpartum Nutrition & Recipes

Bolster robust postpartum nutrition with star ingredients, food prep techniques, recipes, and mindfulness around eating

Postpartum Planning & Self-Care

Tangible, beautiful guidance + tools for taking care of YOU in your sacred window

Pregnancy & Birth

pregnant mama

Support, wisdom & resources for pregnancy and birth

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