Springtime Postpartum Guide


Dive into the beautiful perspective of Ayurveda for Postpartum.  Learn countless valuable techniques for optimum nutrition, mental and emotional wellness, ideal lactation, Ayurvedic Infant Massage and Mama Abhyanga (self oil massage), Herbal Support for postpartum.....

and SO much more...

Explore the ways you can develop your caregiving practice to serve not only the families you work with, but YOU as the caregiver.

Become a Conscious Postpartum Caregiver!

Each of us here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies has a story to tell that brought us to focus our energy on better postpartum care culture wide.

For some of us, it was an experience of having a lack of care or understanding during the Sacred Postpartum Window.  For others it has been a beacon of need that cannot be ignored.  We welcome students, professionals, expecting parents, loved ones and individuals curious or downright passionate about conscious postpartum caregiving.

We are committed to not only providing quality, respectful and transformative education, but to being a leading resource for the sacred postpartum window of time.  We aim to widen postpartum awareness and enhance the quality of care women, birth parents, babies and families receive in our modern day world.

We're honored to have you in our community!