Work Study Scholarship Program

Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in our Work Study Scholarship Program! We value this opportunity to work closely with our students and to share our love of Conscious Postpartum Caregiving and Ayurveda with your efforts and talents. It is a unique and rewarding exchange of energies.

The Work Study Scholarship Program is designed to provide access to our program with greatly discounted tuition to students ready to give time and commitment to our Center with their individual gifts and wisdom. 

Each Work Study Student will have something different to bring to the Center for Sacred Window Studies, and we welcome diversity in backgrounds and skills.

We honor the individual life circumstance of each student and are committed to designing a project plan for you that honors the scholarship given AND honors what is appropriate and achievable from you.  We will craft a project plan with you that you feel motivated by, excited for and that will bring value to both the Center for Sacred Window Studies, and to you!

As a work study scholarship student, you are a member of our team!  You are being gifted a leadership and featured role that can offer you exposure, credibility and great experience to move out into the field of professional postpartum care. You will be able to use us as references, add your work with us to your resume or CV, as well as link back to any articles, interviews or speaking opportunities you do with us.  It is our pleasure to collaborate with motivated and sincere students who share our passion for postpartum care!

Things to know before you apply:

What is the value of the Work Study Scholarship Program?

We create an individualized project plan for each work study student reflective of the scholarship awarded, the circumstances of the individual student along with their background experience, skills and interests.  We award either a 1/3 or 2/3 scholarships that are awarded based on need, motivation and commitment.  You are committing to offer your services in completion of the project plan as determined by your scholarship.  In return, you will receive the full Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program, Sacred Window Internship Circle or Whole Path Journey, depending on the scholarship given. Upon completion of all program requirements, as well as the project plan in full, you will receive your program Certificate.

What are the responsibilities of Work Study Scholarship Students?

  • Sign scholarship agreement and initiate payment plan within 2 weeks of your Orientation Call.  If these steps are not complete, we will open your scholarship offer to another student.
  • These scholarships entail a 4-6 month commitment. 
  • This is a collaborative team experience. You must be open to constructive feedback and growth.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining consistency in your hours, with a minimum weekly commitment of hours.
  • You will be required to check in with our WSS Advisor a minimum of once per week via email or zoom.

What are the benefits of participating in the Work Study Scholarship Program?

  • You will be eligible to receive letters of reference from the CSWS team (Roshni, Christine, and may include other team members depending on your work).
  • You can expect to learn new skills and/or enhance your current skills and knowledge through working with our team.
  • You will receive credit for your work contributions and in this way connect with a wider audience.
  • You may apply up to ¼ of your hours in volunteer service.

How do you track your projects?

Work Study Scholarship Students will work together with their work study advisor to develop a check list of projects.  As the student completes a project, it will be checked off the list and marked complete. Each student will work closely with Roshni Kavate, our Work Study Scholarship Advisor, or Christine Devlin Eck, our director, throughout the program to identify a plan and completion schedule for the required hours. We are there to offer guidance and support in anything needed in regards to the work study scholarship.  If a project takes longer than anticipated, no problem! We prioritize quality and commitment of your work over quantity.  We will happily adjust a plan if one project becomes larger than originally planned.

How long is work study?

The Work Study Scholarship Program requires a 4-6 month commitment. You will be responsible for maintaining consistency in communication and completion of your projects.  Students must complete 1/2 of their project plan before beginning the program. All WSS hours must be completed within your agreed upon timeframe in order to receive your Certificate.  All other arrangements must be approved.

Apply for a Work Study Scholarship Here!

What Past Work Study Students say...

Thank you all for your generosity of time and wisdom! It's been a pleasure going through this program. I'm grateful for all the care and time you've put into making this a sacred and empowering space to learn and grow as healers and caregivers.

Julia Gay


My biggest takeaway was increased confidence in my intuition and caregiving strengths. Heightened awareness of the subtle energies around me, as well as stronger attunement to the elements as they present and continuously dance together. Ayurvedic caregiving is all about maintaining balance: the right thing at the right time, for each person. This course was exactly that for me. 

Lynnea Laessig


Available Scholarship Types

(Approximate Hours Owed and Tuition Balance): 

Applicants Select:

– The scholarship that reflects the program or combination of programs they wish to participate in.

– The amount of scholarship funds needed (2/3 or 1/3).

– Non-Equity or Equity (BIPOC applicants only) Scholarships.


Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Scholarships:
  • ⅔  = 50 hours + $633 in full or $106/mo. for 6 mo. 
  • ⅓  = 25 hours + $1266 in full or $211/mo. for 6 mo. 

‘Build Your Practice’ Internship Circle Scholarships:
  • ⅔  = 32 hours + $433 in full or $72/mo. for 6 mo. 
  • ⅓  = 16 hours + $866 in full or $144/mo. for 6 mo. 

Whole Path Scholarships:

(Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program + ‘Build Your Practice’ Internship Circle) 

  • ⅔  = 74 hours + $933 in full or $156/mo. for 6 mo. 
  • ⅓  = 37 hours + $1866 in full or $311/mo. for 6 mo. 

Thank you so much for your interest in this amazing field of caregiving! We are inspired every day by our students, by the amazing professionals in this line of work, and by the sacredness of the postpartum window. 

Application Process and Timeline:

Timeline for 2023/2024 programming

Applications accepted ongoing.

Interviews and application assignment submission will be held throughout the year.

All Work Study positions begin as soon as scholarships are granted.  1/2 of project plan must be completed before student has access to the program.  Projects must be completed within 4-6 months. Students who do not complete their work study will not receive a Certificate.  If student becomes unengaged and does not respond to 3 consecutive attempts to contact, they will be removed from the program.  Tuition funds paid are non-refundable for removed students.

Work Study Scholarship Project Plans

Work Study Students will outline a project plan with the support of our Student Advisor, Roshni Kavate and Director, Christine Eck. Each plan will be customized for the student based on the skill set they bring into the program and the needs of the Center for Sacred Window Studies. Plans will include a combination of the below projects appropriate to the individual student. They can also include original project ideas brought in by the student.  Students are encouraged to maximize their work by co-creating content.  For example, write a blog post, pull from it to make several social media posts and participate in a podcast interview on the topic with Roshni or Christine.

Sample Student Project Plan for a 1/3 Scholarship for the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program:

  • Email Alumni in support of helping them create a directory listing 
  • Design and Lead an online talk/workshop on your chosen topic 
  • Create a written or visual resource to go along with your talk/workshop 
  • Author and Edit 2 blog articles related to your talk, or another theme 
  • Marketing checklist (combination of the below as appropriate to individual student) 
  • Volunteer in your community 
  • Engage in the Sacred Window Professional Community on Facebook 1x per week 

Each student will create a project list including a combination of the below categories and ideas.  The number of projects is reflective of the size of the scholarship and the individual circumstances of the student.  When a project is complete, it is checked off the list and the hours assigned to that project are counted as finished.

Current Projects

*This list does not reflect the only projects a student may participate in.  We have had students propose meaningful projects and we encourage creativity and motivation!


Original work with signed permission from both you and others you photograph.  These beautiful images and/or videos are shared with the utmost respect and reverence for those featured and are used to promote postpartum care as a birthright for everyone.

  • Photography of caregiving in action, working with clients, parents and babies. 

  • Edited videos presenting postpartum care from the caregiver perspective and/or the parent perspective.  These can be short promotional videos or a longer video, depending on the ideas of the work study student and the needs of CSWS.

  • Short videos/reels we can share on social media depicting hands on care and/or the parent experience. 

Alumni/Member Outreach and Community Builder
  • Reaching out via email to members of our alumni and Postpartum Care Collective community to support them in creating their Directory Listing on our brand new directory platform and becoming an Affiliate of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.
  • Nurturing discussion in our Facebook Group and Facebook Event Pages
  • Helping with community online events


Writer & Copyeditor 

May include any/all of the following:

  • Writing original blog posts
  • Writing copy for new professional learning resources in our Learning Content Center for the Postpartum Care Collective
  • Writing copy for social media posts
  • Copyediting

Educator/Speaker/Class Leader

This is an excellent position for someone with a substantial knowledge/skill base and a desire to share.

In this position you will develop original resources for professional growth. 

  • Offer a single talk or a series of talks for our Postpartum Care Collective and develop supplemental resources to support your talks.  This should be based on your individual skill set as related to postpartum care or relevant.
  • Create a series of blog posts on areas of your expertise. If you would prefer not to write, we can interview you for 1 or more blog posts.
  • Be a guest on the Sacred Window Podcast talking about a topic you are passionate about as related to conscious postpartum care or relevant.
  • Offer an online movement, meditation, or skill share class with our membership community.
  • Host a series of conversations facilitated by you specifically for current students and/or alumni around relevant experiences. 

Research & Development

This is a great role for someone who is skilled in research and preferably has existing knowledge/experience with educational organizations.

Projects currently include:

  • Researching different avenues of financial support for students who want to study with us. These could be government-based or organization-based. Relevant to only certain geographic areas is fine. Just note where/when the support is available.
  • Finding conferences that our organization may be eligible to present at.
  • Helping us find potential scholarship sponsors and/or partners.

Volunteer Services

Work Study Students have the opportunity to complete up to 1/4 of their hours through volunteer services (such as postpartum care and education) in their own communities (in-person or online). 

  • Unlike our other Jobs, this option must be completed during your program so that you are able to apply what you are learning directly to your volunteer experience. 
  • Volunteers are required to submit Reflection Forms for their volunteer service experiences.

Marketing and Promotion
  • Share a personal Post about the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program on their Instagram Feed and other social media platforms letting your community know you are taking the program and why!  Make it original to you and use your voice.
  • Create 5 posts along the length of your program sharing inspirational pieces of what they are learning.  Posts should reference @sacredwindowstudies if on Instagram or lead people to our website if on other platforms. (this is easy - there will be so much that you’ll want to share!!)
  • Collaborate on 1 Instagram Live video that will be aired on both @sacredwindowstudies and student's page.
  • Link to www.sacredwindowstudies.com on your website as an ongoing link to the organization you trained with. (we share logos for this purpose!)
  • Host someone from the Center for Sacred Window Studies on your podcast.
  • Invite Christine or another instructor here to speak at an online event you organize.
  • Feature the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program in a marketing email to your list.
  • Connect us with others you know that offer education or support in complimentary areas that we can collaborate and cross promote!

Are you ready?!

We'd love to have you apply for our Work Study Scholarship Program!