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About Professional Mentoring Hub: Sacred Window Internship Circle

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Join our monthly small group workshop calls to check in with your mentors and fellow interns. Get support and feedback on your business and client work and hear what others are doing!

Supporting you directly in your work and practice is beyond fulfilling for us. We make sure you have the solo time you need to focus on the unique areas of your caregiving and your practice that you most need support.

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For nearly 2 years we opened our doors and filled our library with the brilliant and compassionate voices and perspectives of many Guest Mentors in the field of Ayurveda and Conscious Postpartum Care. Enjoy exploring these topics as they relate to you and your practice!

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Founding Instructors

Christine Devlin Eck, Julia Fishman, Charlotte Senseney-Sternkind and Ashlee Wilkin are the founding instructors of the Center for Sacred Window Studies. They were brought together by the late Ysha Oakes, founder of the original Sacred Window School after her passing in 2015. Finding resonance in one another and a drive to carry on Ysha's legacy, this team has been working together to make postpartum care inspired by Ayurvedic principles more accessible to anyone wishing to learn, and promote access to care by all families. This program has been lovingly crafted by this team and is continually growing as their collaboration and relationship evolves.
They are forever grateful to Ysha for connecting them, and for the inspiration she instilled to all the students she guided. They give honor to all the teachers who have brought them to where they are. They are life long learners and are honored by the students who grace this Center.

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