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Alumni Special Sacred Window Internship Circle Monthly

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The Sacred Window Internship Circle is designed to offer support, inspiration, community and mentoring to emerging and practicing professionals in the field of Ayurvedic and Conscious Postpartum Care.  

This year long mentoring program will support you in building your professional postpartum care practice as well as support you with virtual one on one support as you work with your first clients.

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Guided by YOUR goals | Supported by OUR Team

Bringing your visions from ether to earth…

Receive professional mentoring in your postpartum caregiving journey.


The Sacred Window Internship Circle is designed to offer support, inspiration, community and mentoring to emerging and practicing professionals in the field of Ayurvedic and Conscious Postpartum Care.  

The Center for Sacred Window Studies subscribes to the idea that knowledge or education providing a lasting difference in our lives and in the world is knowledge and education which is consistently and deliberately APPLIED.  

Working directly with individuals and families is the best education, and having a support system in place as you practice will provide greater confidence and security.  

This field offers an opportunity for a vast array of practices with diverse structures and services.  The Sacred Window Internship Circle is centered on developing YOUR unique goals, vision and implementation for your practice through mentoring, resources and community.  

Your business will be unique to you, and we are here to help support the development of your ideas.  

The Center for Sacred Window Studies is committed to promoting the sustainability of the Caregiving profession while advocating for better postpartum care in our modern-day culture.  



Interns must have completed the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver (CPC) Certificate Program, another program in conscious postpartum care, or be a practicing professional in the field of Ayurvedic or conscious postpartum support.

What is Conscious Postpartum Care/Support?  

Caregiving that utilizes the understanding of diet, routine and lifestyle as the foundation of healing.  For postpartum, this means understanding the deep impact of pregnancy and birth on the postpartum body, knowing how to use proper food as medicine, an awareness of herbal support foods for healing and wellness, and therapeutic touch as an integral part of postpartum recovery for a birthing parent and baby.

If your postpartum training does not include these elements, please start with the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program!  Are you unsure if your training qualifies?  Reach out and let’s talk about it!  Email christine@sacredwindowstudies.com.


  • The Sacred Window Internship Circle is designed as a year long mentoring program that can be renewed for as long as the intern wishes to participate.
  • To commence the Internship Circle, interns will complete the Welcome Interview and One on One Inspiration and Clarity Call as a way for the mentors to understand how to best support the individual needs of the intern through their program.  Initial goals will be outlined.  A shared folder on Google Drive will be presented to the intern as a place to house internship documents and notes taken from mentoring sessions.
  • Interns may use their year of mentoring in the way that supports them best.  We suggest using the first several months in support of building the foundational aspects of their practice and drawing in ideal clients.  We encourage interns to begin working with clients while still in the Internship Circle to take advantage of mentor support while putting their caregiving skills into practice.
  • Interns have the option to participate in the Level Two Certificate program called the 42-Day Caregiving Journey.  This is a non-consecutive 42-Day hands on caregiving experience. Designed to reflect the sacred 42-day postpartum window, the 42-Day Caregiving Journey is for caregivers ready to work directly with clients.  The 42-Day Caregiving Journey is optional and interns are not required to participate.  Those who complete these hours will receive our Level Two, Practicing Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Certification.
  • Interns also have access to 12 one on one mentoring check-ins.  These times can be spent focusing on direct client care or back end business support.  
  • Interns have access to the Sacred Window Internship Circle Hub on our student website which houses many professional resources, tools, and an archive of Guest Mentor Training Calls, Guides and Workbooks on 20+ topics in postpartum care.


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