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Empowered Postpartum Preparation: A DIY Course for Expecting Families


Do not overlook the first weeks of life with your baby!

There are essential needs a postpartum mother has that can be addressed beautifully with some awareness and preparation.

By the end of this course, you will…

  • Have an understanding of conscious postpartum care, and how to apply this to yourself and/or your partner.
  • Know the basics of nutritious postpartum food preparation infused with Ayurvedic principles – not to be missed…
  • Learn how to give Ayurvedic Infant Massage to your baby! Learn oil massage for mama too!
  • Be ready to create your own postpartum plan to gather the resources you need and maximize your sacred window rejuvenation.
  • Feel confident that you are ready to experience a truly sacred postpartum window you will remember forever!
  • Set yourself up for years of health benefits when you pay close attention to the support you need in the 42 days post birth.


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Video Lectures, Supplemental Downloadable Handouts and more!

Learn at your own pace

FREE copy of Touching Heaven eVolumes (invaluable postpartum resource!)

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This course is for you if you:

  • Are currently expecting
  • Understand the value of deeply supporting the birther in the early weeks postpartum
  • Are ready to actively create & participate in your own postpartum care plan

This course is lovingly designed, created, and instructed by the team at the Center for Sacred Window Studies. We train professional Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregivers to offer conscious postpartum care to families. Our talented alumni are ready to support YOU free of charge as you prepare and experience your own sacred postpartum window.

Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity!

My name is Christine and I am the director here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies. When I was an expecting parent for the first time, I felt extremely cared for and prepared for my birth. I did everything I knew to do to help create a sense of confidence and preparedness for what was to come. I didn’t read much about postpartum, I wasn’t told much about it either. I froze some food to put away and arranged for my mom to come stay for a week and I figured it would all be fine.

When my son was born, we absolutely felt the love and bliss I had expected. But along with that was a host of more difficult experiences and emotions that left me feeling dismayed and unsure of myself. I was very unprepared and totally unaware of the many simple and doable things I could have done ahead of time and in the moment to feel better.

I simply DID NOT KNOW.

This is the issue with so many in our modern day culture….we have lost the understanding that the postpartum window needs to be as much about the birther’s careful recovery as it is about the precious new baby who has come into the world.

I went to school for Ayurveda when my son was 2 years old and during the second year of my program learned I was expecting another child. I researched the Ayurvedic traditions about pregnancy and postpartum. What I discovered empowered me beyond measure and has truly changed my life.

Nobody need enter into the postpartum time with false certainty. There are traditions we can learn from that will foster an understanding and a pathway to a truly supported healing window for birthers.


Right now we are being called upon more than ever to tap into our inner resources of love, strength, wisdom, and connection. We are here to support you on your path of quickly and effectively increasing your knowledge about postpartum wellbeing and care so that you can enter and experience your sacred window with your full presence.

A conscious postpartum plan will resource you with:

  • wisdom
  • skills
  • encouragement
  • a strategy
…to create an actionable meaningful structure for you to welcome your new baby in the most rejuvenating way possible.


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