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Raising Awareness in Postpartum Care: A Panel Discussion

The Sacred Window Podcast | 02 - Raising Awareness in Postpartum Care with the Sacred Window Postpartum Care Collective Community Holders

In this episode we gathered with our PCC Community Holders Euni, Roshni and Siena. Euni is a writer, artist, full spectrum doula, reiki healer and connection + creativity facilitator based in San Diego on Kumeyaay territory. Roshni is the founder of Cardamom Kavate, a wellness platform dedicated to exploring grief, our ancestral rituals and living in our wilderness. Siena is a birth and postpartum doula and co creator of Conscious Nurturer, a community for new parents centered around reclaiming personal identities in parenthood and creating nourishing, accessible pathways of support.

Our community holders join us today in conversation about ways to raise awareness in the postpartum time. We talked about collaborative, familial care and its roots in indigenous culture. There were moments where we explored the topics of postpartum and bereavement, not only related to a loss of child, but related to identity. We discussed working collaboratively with clients within a community based model versus based off of a hierarchy system. We found what it means to start within our own communities and create circles of support that mirror the models of care we want to see happen in the world.

“If we can empower someone to feel like they deserve to be cared for, they can ask to be cared for, that there are people there who will care for them, then we have done an amazing job. ” - Christine Eck

Today on Sacred Window Podcast:

  • Birth Preparation vs. Postpartum Preparation
  • Postpartum caregivers collaborating with birth workers
  • Postpartum care from an ancestral perspective
  • Postpartum caregivers collaborating with birth workers
  • Navigating grief in postpartum
  • Accessibility for care through client collaboration
  • Building a micro nets of care at community level
  • Accepting and receiving care

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