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IEMANJA: Dancing the Great Mother for Embodiment

Today on the Sacred Window Podcast student, postpartum caregiver, and devoted dancer, Alysha Higgins, introduces us to her dance instructor, Vera Passos. 

Vera Passos is the Associate Artistic Director of Viver Brasil in Los Angeles and the Founder/Artistic Director of Casa de Cultura Do Movimento in Salvador, Bahia. Vera is a choreographer, master teacher, dancer and producer whose profound and indigenous relationship with Afro-Brazilian movement and music richly infuses her teaching and choreography. In her own words, Vera acknowledges the importance and impact that Bahian culture has in shaping the power and expression that she articulates and commands as an artist, “My culture is my inspiration, my feet speak with the earth and bring ancestral messages of joy, resistance and harmony.”

Vera joins us in speaking about the orixa, and her personal connection and experience with these mysterious and complex energy forms. She tells stories of orixa Iemanja and the way her powerful energies manifest in the physical world and the embodiment of her fierce, protective, unconditional love. It is understood that we move with intention to embody those qualities. We learn that through movement and dance we can rid ourselves of separation and connect to the creative energy that dissolves all barriers. Vera says when community comes together to dance the space changes from “mine” to “ours”. It becomes a community space with no barriers, it becomes-- what is good for everyone.

Topics Covered...

What is orixa

Who is Iemanja?

Stories of Iemanja 

Using the inspiration of Iemanja through dance and movement

Transformation through movement

Connection of the elements to dance to life

Who is nana?

How community dance lifts us all

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