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Navigating the Unexpected in Postpartum – An Herbalists Perspective

On todays episode, Sacred Window Student Advisor, Rohsni Kavate, spoke with herbalist Meaghan Thompson. Meaghan is co-owner of Blooming Mountains Botanical Sanctuary, a medicinal herb farm that she operates with her husband. One of her greatest passions is working with plants and using her knowledge and skills to connect people with herbal allies. She specializes in women's health and loves to work with Mothers holistically throughout their entire childbearing year, of which she has a special fondness for the postpartum period. She is an alumni of Sky House Herb School, Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine, and the Center for Sacred Windows Study.

Meaghan shared her two very different postpartum experiences, emphasizing the importance of rest, food, and herbs. She shares her personal story of about her miscarriage and how she learned and grew from this experience. They uncover what it means to trust the process, your body and discover what you want as a person. She goes into detail about how she utilized herbal support during the postpartum time and her experience handling a herbal farm.

You can find her farm online at www.bloomingmtnsbotanicalsanctuary.com and on social media.

Today on Sacred Window Podcast:

  • Important things to support postpartum
  • Unexpected Loss
  • Exploring postpartum after miscarriage
  • Reclamation through grief
  • Postpartum Support through plant medicine
  • Postpartum herbal preparations
  • Choosing herbs from a ancestral perspective
  • The language of herbs
  • Herbal Support for Baby

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