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Expanding the Scope of Pregnancy and Birth with Corinne Andrews

Corinne Andrews is co-owner and director of Shraddha yoga, where she teaches online and in person classes. She is the developer and teacher of Birthing Mama, a 90 hour prenatal and postpartum yoga and wellness teacher training, and her course turned into a book.

The theme of today's talk was shifting the way we practice to better serve our needs and our clients. There was a heavy emphasis on intuitive collaboration and heart-led connections with other professionals. Corinne spoke of managing the balance of self wellness and professional life in an industry with many needs. She shared ideas and perspectives on how to bridge the gap between birth and postpartum care and the subtle areas that need attention. Christine and Corinne discussed important points such as addressing each client as their own unique, sacred window, without holding them to any performance standard. Towards the end of the talk, we open the discussion to the community and hear gyms that expand and inspire our perspective on innovative ways to serve families through professional connections. 

“How may I serve you? How may I love you?” - Corinne Andrews 

Today on Sacred Window Podcast:

How to create containers that can support our caregiving and knowledge

Applying conscious care and an Ayurvedic lens toward individual clients' unique situations

Being open and curious about caregiving, responding with open connectedness

How to navigate meeting a client for the first time during a hard time in postpartum

Creating cohesive care for clients with other professionals

Shifting the practice culture to a whole model of care

Balancing real life culture and business and integrating intuitive moments and finding answers

Community shares

Awakening consciousness as intention

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