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Finding Empowerment and Autonomy within the Bounds of Tradition

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Join Roshni and our guest Zaure Vuk as they discuss navigating the postpartum time and parenting through different cultural lenses. Zaure was born and raised in Kazakhstan, and has been living in Boston for the last 15 years. Her background is in musicology. Music brought her to the States, and music is how she met her husband in 2007 at School of Groove (Cambridge, MA). In 2012 Zaure and her husband Chris started a music and Montessori based daycare center, Rock and Roll Daycare (Cambridge, MA).

Over the last decade she has been studying Montessori and today she loves sharing Montessori life transforming principles and how they can become a great framework within which parents can develop their own parenting style. In this episode Zaure and Roshni explore how to bring the concepts of Montessori into supporting parents. 

Today on Sacred Window Podcast:

  • Postpartum in Kazakhstan vs in the Unites States
  • Empowerment and autonomy in postpartum
  • Navigating unexpected (cultural) challenges in parenthood
  • Engaging and awakening to your own values
  • Identifying parenting styles
  • Discovering and applying Montessori
  • Earning respect vs earning respect
  • Shedding old paradigms in parenting journey
  • Bridging Montessori for children into Montessori for adults

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