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Sustainability and Baby Care

Today on the Sacred Window podcast we talk about sustainability and minimal living in the postpartum period. Our host is Kristen Lindstrom, a student of the Center for Sacred Window Studies, from Sweden.  Our guest, Amanda, is an artist and mother who gave birth just over a year ago for the first time. She has used both cloth diapers and elimination communication to reduce plastic diaper waste for the planet. In the West in the past 100 years, plastic diapers have become the norm, but she points out that cultures around the world utilize different forms of elimination communication and cloth diapers have been the norm for generations. She spoke about how easy and accessible these methods are to use to quell fears and apprehensions.

Some links she has personally used for information on elimination communication and cloth diapers:


Book: Go Diaper Free: A Simple Handbook for Elimination Communication by Andrea Olson

ecpeesy.com for elimination communication tips and lists of supplies needed

https://www.mamanatural.com/cloth-diapering/ for all you need to know about cloth diapers

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Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program

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