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Honoring Your Decisions and Staying True to Yourself

Emily Seeboo is a mother to a beautiful baby boy.  Her story is her own, just as each of ours should have a story that reflects our true sense of self and safety.

In this interview, Emily shares her story of her homebirth, and we talk further about staying true to self, even when it does not align with expectations from our family or loved ones.  During the childbearing year, we are especially sensitive and tender to the energies of those around us.  It can be devastating to not receive the support or approval we wish we had.

From pregnancy, birth and postpartum decision making and planning, Emily and her husband manifested a beautiful story and learned a ton along the way.

Thank you Emily for sharing your story with us!

You can learn more about Emily and the beautiful work she does here:


Emily Seeboo YouTube Channel:


Instagram: @emilyseeboo

Emily Seeboonruang consults for and works privately with women who want to reclaim their rites of passage that mark their transition into motherhood. She’s the host of The Mother Freedom Show on YouTube and has interviewed women from all over the world. She has been a guest on the Freebirth Society Podcast sharing her own freebirth story. Emily advocates a minimalist way of living that gives women maximum freedom and autonomy while feeling more embodied than ever.

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