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The Sacred Window as a Yearly Ritual with Marinella Benelli

The sacred window is not just for postpartum. It is a bringing of reverence to a time that otherwise could pass without significance. Maybe we were able to have a supported and special time after our children were born, maybe we did not. Maybe we honored a sacred window during menopause or at any other major transition in our lives. What is important is that we paused, took a moment and acknowledged that something was important for us. We did something - maybe as small as a deep breath - maybe as involved as 40 days of a healing routine. We gave special care to ourselves in a big or small way to help sustain our energy, our health, our wellbeing in order to bring longevity and sustainability to our present and future selves.

In this conversation with Marinella, we further explored the Sacred Window as a Yearly Ritual in some beautiful ways. It has opened up a window of inspiration for me, as I hope it will do for you. Enjoy!

Marinella Benelli is a mother, postpartum doula (graduate of the Center for Sacred Window Studies), yoga teacher, massage therapist and holder of women's circles based in Bristol, UK. She has been working with women for over a decade, with a special focus on the childbearing years and rites of passage.

Her own experience of Sacred Window was foundational for her mothering journey and for the continued commitment to her self-care, which is becoming non-negotiable now as she transition through peri menopause - and it's the inspiration for this conversation about the "Sacred Window as a Yearly Ritual".

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