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The Synchronicity of Birth Support and Postpartum Support with Birthing from Within

In this episode, I speak with Christine D’Esposito, Director of Programs at Birthing from Within.

During my own first pregnancy in 2007, Birthing from Within was an incredible support model for me in exploring the more subtle aspect of birth readiness, and harnessing my own feelings of empowerment to trust my body and honor the changes I was going through.

Now, as a proponent of conscious postpartum care, I love how the tenants taught by Birthing from Within support the foundations of our work!

This is a beautiful episode you don’t want to miss!

Christine D'Esposito is a Mentor, Doula and Facilitator with over fifteen years of experience in the field of birth work.

She lives in Duluth, MN and is the Director of Programs at Birthing from Within.

Birthing from Within was founded in 1998 by midwife Pam England when she realized that something was missing from birth preparation in our culture.

While lots of organizations address parents' brains and bodies, very few address their hearts.

Birthing from Within works to fill that gap by providing parents with preparation for the deep psychological and emotional transformations of birth.

Christine discovered Birthing From Within in 2003 at her first doula training. It was the concept of honoring birth as a rite of passage and a transformational experience for everyone involved that spoke to her most.

Christine has a passion for the intersection of birth and social justice work and aspires to be an agent of change in the world.


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