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Forgiveness Kriya and Kundalini Yoga with Stephanie Peers

This podcast episode welcomes back Stephanie Peers, a student and member of our Sacred Window Studies Community. Stephanie and I are hosting a Forgiveness Workshop: A Practice for Giving and Receiving on August 30, 2023. Register for the Workshop Here for Free!

If you missed it, please don’t worry. There are many more learning and experiential opportunities to be had through Stephanie’s work (links found below) and here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

Stop for a moment and think about any shame or guilt you are holding onto. Whenever you think about this incident or happening that causes guilt to bubble up within you, it’s like a suckerpunch. It causes you pain and strife. You can feel it in your body.

Understanding that everything is energy, so too is the energy of guilt and shame.

That pain is stored within you, as a cellular memory. Your cells literally hold on to it, which can cause dis-eases and imbalance in your physical body over time. But there’s more to it. If you want to change the world, then you have got to be willing to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is the key to a better world. Here’s why:

Like the Great Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Forgiveness is not necessarily a practice of forgiving others, but of forgiving ourselves. When we honor and take responsibility for everything that’s happened in our life, we can lighten the burden that blocks our receptivity.

Learn how to move your body with Kundalini Yoga in ways that effectively release stuck emotions keeping you in a loop of shame and guilt, preventing you from being able to receive the many blessings you are so worthy of.

With this potent practice, discover how easy and invigorating it is to free yourself from the internal punisher, and become open to move forward with optimism and joy.

Become magnetic to MIRACLES!

Don’t worry if you have never experienced Kundalini Yoga before. This practice is easy, gentle and perfect for beginners!

Stephanie Peers

Empowered Mamma


Youtube: @empoweredmamma

Email: stephanie@empoweredmamma.biz

Mentioned in Video: Brett Larkin and Guru Singh of Kundalini University 

Empowered Mamma

Sacred Journey of Forgiveness - Kundalini Kriya Workshop

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