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Elimination Communication: Developing a Routine with Our Babies During the Sacred Postpartum Window

Samantha Veitch is the founder of Emerging Wisdom Care. She is an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula and Elimination Coach.

Elimination Communication (EC) is the practice of learning your baby’s elimination cues and being able to anticipate the process, thereby reducing the need for diapers. Essentially, it’s infant potty training, though Samantha explains why she doesn’t often use those words.

In this episode, Samantha shared how she explains Elimination Communication to her clients. She discusses how this is an age old practice rather than a new fad families are exploring.

We discuss incredibly valuable bonding and psychological benefits of this practice for babies, parents and how it integrates beautifully with the healing process in postpartum.

Samantha shares how this practice is so beneficial right after birth, and how it becomes even easier when started early. She also encourages it as a fun and relaxed practice, rather than a stressful project to be strict about.

In our conversation she shares cues to look and listen for, easy ways to get started, and the 4 entry points for elimination communication.

I loved this conversation and learned so much. I know you will love it too.

Below, Samantha shares some of the resources mentioned in the interview. Enjoy!

From Samantha:

This is a link to Andrea Olson's Book ---- really the bible for EC practicalities. 

Start EC with the Go Diaper Free Book

This is a link to Ingrid Bauer's book which was a lovely book more about the gentle bonding and communication building aspect By Bauer Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene (CCARE): Amazon.co.uk: Bauer: 8601405993946: Books

This is a link to a book on Dunstan baby language Calm the Crying: The Secret Baby Language That Reveals the Hidden Meaning Behind an Infant's Cry: Amazon.co.uk: Dunstan, Priscilla: 9781583334690: Books

This is a link to Tiny Undies which is where I send everyone for the basic tools (potties etc) , EC appropriate clothing, tiny underwear that is so hard to find- 

Tiny Undies: small underwear + training pants for babies and toddlers

If you use my coupon code SAMANTHA you get 20% off!

I am available for EC consultation 1:1 online or in person if you are in Nevada County, California area. I also run a free in-person monthly EC support group for local mamas - 

Go Diaper Free of Nevada City | Facebook

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