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Ancestral Cooking for Postpartum with Roshni Kavate

Roshni Kavate is an artist, grief educator, post partum caregiver and avid home cook. Roshni Kavate is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Marigolde, and the co host of the podcast Mango and Gnocchi. She believes grief is a portal to wholeness. Marigolde is a wellness platform dedicated to reclaiming nourishing practices rooted in ancestral wisdom for collective liberation. Through rituals and storytelling, we can reconnect to our origins and be our wild selves. She sees the path to being whole as a radical art and political practice. The question that guides her is What is our grief craving? and how can we nourish and feed it? She is the co creator and faculty in the Marigolde Post Partum Ancestral Kitchen Certification Apprenticeship and Student Advisor and Guest Instructor at Center for Sacred Window Studies. She has recently published two cookbooks, Saffron Ginger Postpartum Kitchen and Mending a Broken Heart: Recipes for Nurturing Grief

In this episode, Roshni emphasize the idea that Ayurvedic cooking for postpartum is not limited to Indian cuisine but is tailored to individual needs for balance. They delve into the concept of ancestral foods, emphasizing that Ayurvedic and ancestral foods are closely connected. Roshni encourages listeners to explore their ancestral food by considering what brings comfort, nurturance, and resilience.

The conversation shifts to ways of reconnecting with one's ancestral line, especially for those who feel disconnected due to a lack of clear understanding or tradition in a Western context. Roshni suggests asking questions within the family about geographic origins and exploring documented archival culinary history, especially for those with European ancestry.


  • Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen Apprenticeship Certification

Ancestral Postpartum Kitchen — Marigolde

Marigolde Postpartum Ancestral Kitchen Certificate Apprenticeship

  • Book: Saffron Ginger Kitchen

Saffron Ginger Kitchen: Recipes for Nourished Postpartum Years, Rooted in Ayurveda — Marigolde

  • Podcast: Mango and Gnocchi

‎Mango and Gnocchi Podcast on Apple Podcasts

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