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Presence - the key to healing and the essence of being a good human with Lauren Pick

Lauren Pick MS LIMHP LMHP LPC CYT is a psychotherapist in private practice focusing on Grief, Trauma, & Life Transitions. She is currently located in Lincoln, Nebraska (of all places). As a certified yoga instructor, Nia instructor and mindbody fitness professional, Lauren enjoys weaving somatic modalities into her work with clients. Find out more at www.laurenpick.com

In this episode, Lauren discusses the challenges of disconnection, grief, and the tendency to overlook the value of each day in the hustle of life. They reflect on the concept of going to bed to wake up again, finding a deeper purpose beyond the routine. The phrase "we've got to go to bed so we can wake up together so we can wake up again" is explored, highlighting the importance of finding a meaningful reason for one's actions.

The conversation shifts to life transitions, particularly the transformative experience of becoming a parent. The speaker emphasizes the significance of recognizing the inner shifts during major life changes and the need for a vital connection when designing care and support. The discussion touches on the importance of meeting people where they are, using mirroring, and creating a heart connection to initiate healing.

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