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Nurturing Feminine Energy & Postpartum Healing with Naomi Newlan

Naomi Newlan, a seasoned practitioner of yoga and Ayurvedic massage, shares her profound journey of integrating these modalities into her practice spanning over two decades. Rooted in a lineage of yoga, Naomi's exploration led her to embrace the art of massage therapy, weaving together her passion for hands-on healing and ancient wisdom from indigenous cultures across various countries. With Ayurveda and yoga as constant companions, Naomi embodies a deep connection to nature and the profound wisdom inherent in the human body.

In this episode, Naomi reflects on her experiences during the postpartum periods of her children. Recalling her initial lack of understanding and support during her first childbirth, she candidly shares the challenges she faced and the profound impact it had on her well-being. However, the arrival of nurturing figures during her second postpartum period sparked a realization of the importance of postpartum care, igniting a desire to provide similar support to others. Through her work as a pre and postnatal massage therapist, Naomi discovered the sacredness of entering new mothers' homes and the profound honor it entails, fostering a deep connection to the transformative journey of motherhood.

It's through these experiences that Naomi emphasizes the significance of recognizing the inner shifts during major life changes. She discusses the importance of the postpartum period as a sacred pause before transformation, highlighting the need for presence and surrender during this pivotal time of rebirth. Join us as we explore Naomi's journey of healing, wisdom, and the serene power of nurturing postpartum care.

Learn more about Naomi:

"I am a Mother, a Kundadance and Yoga Teacher, an Ayurvedic Massage Therapist with 20 years Energetic Bodywork experience, a Womb Awakening Facilitator and Spirit Painter.

My passion is to hold space and share wisdoms with women so they may live empowered and joy-filled lives. 

Serving the Mamma, Baby and Families in the sacred post-partum window is an honour and absolute joy. I believe that this is vital work for our future on this Planet. 

My teaching style is to learn whilst having fun, yet be able to hold space in the depths of all experience.  I seek to keep creating space to welcome in more love and more opportunities."

Website - 

Instagram @whitesagehealing @nourishtoflourish108 

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