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The Synchronicity of Postpartum Caregiver and New Parent: Creating Community in Your Professional Doula Work with Joanne Mackintosh

This episode discusses the importance of sustainability for both postpartum doulas and new parents. Guest Joanne McIntosh shares her journey providing postpartum support in Australia and the healing she has experienced through this work.

Joanne reflects on experiences with traumatic birth and lack of support for her own mother that inspired her career. Through bodywork, she helps clients integrate memories and feelings from their perinatal experiences to promote healing. Postpartum is a sensitive time when changes can happen naturally with guidance.

To feel nourished in her caregiver role, Joanne prioritizes self-care like nature time and rituals. She also built a supportive network including a birth doula partner. They provide continuity of care from pregnancy to postpartum and debrief together to avoid burnout.

Living rurally, Joanne sees the value for new families in community support like women's circles. Christine emphasizes the joy in collaboration versus shouldering responsibility alone. Simple acts of self-care like tea time uplift caregivers' ability to give.

Learn more about Joanne:
Hi, my name is Joanne and I am a mum to two amazing humans, Amberlily 11yrs and Cian 9yrs and wife to my wonderful husband Bill. We live in Newcastle Australia, close to the ocean and nature which are my two favourite places to be! I am a Postpartum Doula and Massage Therapist and I love supporting women in their journey through the sacred window of postpartum. My passion in life is to “bring the sacred into the everyday” as I have always been interested in spirituality and mysticism. When I look back over my life journey I see the many threads that have led me here and understand now how they have woven together to create the tapestry of my work and life today. Spirituality, different cultures, healing, nature, animals and babies. My studies have been focused on Energetic Medicine, Anthroposophical Nursing and Education, Yoga, Reiki and Bach Flower essences and now Ayurveda is opening up new ways of thinking to add to my repertoire. I honour stillness and reverence, holding space for others, nurturing through food and touch, healing through bodywork, yoga and breathwork and guiding families to find their individual rhythm.

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