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Honoring Birth Through Placenta and Hypno-Birthing with Vera Skough

Vera Skough is a doula based in Townsville, Australia. She runs a business called Mother Birth and Postpartum, supporting new mothers through pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. Originally from Sweden, Vera moved to Australia 10 years ago where she met her partner and had her son. Without family support in a new country, Vera's own birth experience led her to pursue helping other mothers.

In this podcast, Vera discusses two key aspects of her work. First, she explores the importance of honoring the placenta through practices like encapsulation, printing artwork with placenta impressions, and burial ceremonies. Vera shares why recognizing the placenta's vital role in sustaining the baby warrants meaningful acknowledgment. She describes how working with placentas has become a passion, from her own decision to encapsulate to creating prints that capture the placenta's intricate veins.

Second, Vera delves into how hypno-birthing techniques taught in classes can also aid the postpartum period. Hypno-birthing emphasizes managing pain through breathing, visualization, touch and affirmations - all of which Vera believes can smooth the transition to motherhood. She provides examples of adapting visualizations of birth to represent breastfeeding and using affirming touch to strengthen parental bonds.

For those seeking to learn from Vera's expertise, her website verathedoula.com offers more information. There, mothers can read about placenta care options and sign up for Vera's sacred birth rising hypno-birthing immersions. Vera is also on Instagram at @mother.birth.tsv and on Faceboook at Mother Birth Postpartum Townsville, where she regularly shares wisdom on supporting mothers holistically before and after birth.

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