Terra Rafael
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Here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies, we share voices from many perspectives and backgrounds. We believe that the sacred weeks post birth, and the experience of humanity is experienced in countless ways. We learn by listening to one another and honoring our stories. The views and opinions of our writers do not necessarily reflect the mission, viewpoints or opinions of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

Interview by Christine Eck, Director, Center for Sacred Window Studies

I am lucky enough to be a student of Terra Rafael’s.

I met Terra in person through the beautiful Ysha Oakes, Founder of the original Sacred Window School.  On my journey of learning Ayurveda and Postpartum Care with Ysha, I spent a virtual weekend with Terra as she took our small group through the stages of the childbearing year, from pre-conception to postpartum.  Her background as a Certified Midwife combined with the Ayurvedic perspective on women’s reproductive health is potent, open, and connected with nature and with the spirit.  She is a joy to learn from.

Terra is a lifelong learner.

Terra has studied Mayan Abdominal Therapy and Reiki; two traditions she weaves into her healing practice along with Ayurveda.  She is passionate about end of life care. Because of this passion, she trains families to perform at-home funerals and care for their beloved deceased.  Terra started a magazine focused on alternative end of life and death care. “Natural Transitions” magazine is still in circulation today.  Terra recognizes that historically, midwives were the ones that not only welcomed new beings into the world, but who also took care of the dead as they made their way to the next.

Terra is passionate about home birth.

She helped to create the original certification program for home birth midwives in the state of Colorado.  To date, she has taught over 100 beginning midwifery students with original curriculum.  Terra lights up when she talks about her learning journey, and how Ayurveda specifically helps us understand ourselves through nature’s lens.  We marveled about how “Ayurvedic” birth is; how we must simply create a balanced space for nature to take place during the birthing process.  When we create a balanced environment in life, we simply let nature flow. Ayurveda has the vocabulary to describe this process.

Today, Terra is a grandmother to two, and is putting her teachings into an online resource called The WiseWomanhood School.  From classes on beginning Ayurveda to classes on self care and specific health situations, she is dedicated to supporting women’s health through the knowledge of our own feminine selves.

Listen to my interview with Terra!  Enjoy!

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