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Here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies, we share voices from many perspectives and backgrounds. We believe that the sacred weeks post birth, and the experience of humanity is experienced in countless ways. We learn by listening to one another and honoring our stories. The views and opinions of our writers do not necessarily reflect the mission, viewpoints or opinions of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.


And when we hold space for mothers to deeply reflect on the sacredness in both their rites of passage and their daily work of mothering?


“Women can get together [and] band together all of our inner and ancient wisdom and build something that’s more sustainable for Mother Care.”

In this beautiful interview with CSWS alum & postpartum activist, Cassie Ballard, you will love learning about:

  • How Cassie came into the work of Mother Care & especially postpartum activism
  • How her experience in the Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver (APC) influences her work
  • The story behind the name “Our Seva”
  • The supportive offerings Our Seva provides mamas
  • Cassie’s vision for the future of her work
  • Beautiful wisdom & guiding inspiration for mothers who are carving their own path in Mother Care

Connect with Cassie


EMAIL  hello@our-seva.com

INSTAGRAM  @our.seva

FACEBOOK  @itsourseva

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP  Our Seva Motherhood Circle

photo credit  Amy Carroll Photography

This gorgeous narrative provides a deeper look into Cassie’s own journey into motherhood and the personal transformation that Our Seva was birthed from.

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