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Sunny Rose Healey is a Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (NAMA), herbalist, women’s health practitioner & the maker behind Mamāyurveda Medicinals. She lives with her family in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

CSWS: Where did you grow up? Why did you move to Santa Fe?

SRH: I am originally from Utah, and am totally a mountain girl…

I love skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing ~ all of the wonderful mountain things. I moved to Santa Fe to study Ayurvedic medicine with Dr. Lad, and I met my husband at the school.

CSWS: Tell us about your learning journey.

SRH: I owned a yoga center in Salt Lake City and we started offering teacher training.

I had studied Ayurveda on my own through books. I had an amazing opportunity to meet Jaisri Lambert and I was blown away studying with her. We spent all day and night talking about Ayurveda and she told me I had to study with Dr. Lad. She convinced me to do a formal study. 

Regarding studying the Sacred Postpartum Window work, Ysha Oakes and I started hanging out when she was just starting to gather info for her first book and getting help putting everything together. We would have tea with other women and talk about creating a postpartum community. And when I was teaching at The Ayurvedic institute, Ysha did the foundation of  Ayurveda program there. So she was both my student, as well as my teacher! When I had my daughter at home, Ysha was my postpartum doula.

CSWS: Tell us about your amazing formulation Rose Gold Rejuvenation, and how you came to start your own medicinal line.

SRH: Working with clients over the years, I used to make custom formulations, and I still do.

I actually created Rose Gold Rejuvenation for myself and I thought, this is really special and I want to share it with people! I have always made handmade products and I finally decided to get serious about it when I started Mamāyurveda Medicinals!

CSWS: How do you visualize people using your product?

SRH: Rose Gold Rejuvenation is wonderful because my clients and customers have taught me how they use it! 

It can be used as a classic golden milk formula. It’s wonderful in the morning – people love it to get their day going, especially if they have achiness. It’s warming and blood moving. However, it’s also nice for winding down in the evening because of the calming herbs, ashwagandha, rose, and brahmi. People are even putting in their coffee and tea!

During postpartum time, many women have high vata and Rose Gold Rejuvenation is a warming, soothing & uplifting drink. It’s like sunshine in a cup. It provides a lift without the caffeine. It’s rejuvenative and has rasayana properties. It’s really special!

Mamas can consider it a me-time ceremony drink, like this is my ritual time. It feels luxurious with the saffron, rose, pure vanilla bean & dates. And the turmeric & ginger get things moving.

Check out Sunny’s beautiful products here!

CSWS: What would you do with an entire day to yourself with no obligations?

SRH: Nothing. Doing more of nothing is needed at this time.

Sitting in the sun, sipping tea and listening to an audio book is what I would love to do with a day to myself right now.

CSWS: What is your vision for the future of postpartum care?

SRH: Community.

More women understanding that postpartum care is not understood in our society and the main focus is mostly on fertility and pregnancy. As women, we really don’t understand until we’ve had a baby ourselves and then we realize, OH! postpartum is where we need to focus.

As more and more women wake up to that, we can create communities who are supporting each other. We need doulas, but what we need even more is family and friends who get what is needed and to provide that support within the community. It’s our past and how it used to be, and we are now coming back to it, so I see it as our future too.

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