A Reflection on Grief in the Postpartum Period
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A Reflection on Grief in the Postpartum Period

One does not always associate grief with the postpartum period, especially if there was not a traumatic birthing experience or a loss of some kind, but grief is very real and palpable for some people following birth. One lecturer, Roshni Kavate, brought awareness to grief and for me it explained so much. I have seen it. And I have encountered it at a deep level. I think it is important to call it out or name it: GRIEF. And by naming that grief or understanding the source of that grief is key to navigating it in the midst of joy, pain, triumph, and much more.  

Why grief?

Here are some reasons why someone might be grieving during their postpartum period: 

  • Not having the level of support you needed  

  • Loss of previous body 

  • Loss of previous lifestyle

  • Loss of control: “nothing is like I expected” 

  • Loss of dream birth: “it wasn’t what I hoped for” 

  • Trauma from birth 

  • Loss of a child

  • Child with birth injury 

  • Child with a disability 

  • Loss a reproductive organ due to an emergency surgery 

  • Painful and exhausting recovery and not being able to fully ‘enjoy’ the postpartum period 

  • Longing to be pregnant again: “that time was enjoyable”

  • Loss of identity: “who am I now that I have this new baby? or who am I now that I have yet another baby?”

  • Longing for things to be like they were 

  • Frequent flashbacks of an old grief brought on or compounded by this new grief

A Reflection on Grief in the Postpartum Period
What I learned about grief

Grief can be a part of something larger or grief can simply be. I learned that grief is okay, and it is not something that I need to ignore, bury, or hide from. No one ever asked me about grief or sadness during my postpartum period. We should ask about this. I don’t think I could have even named it as grief without prompting, but now I could. Today, I am looking back with new understanding and a new awareness of grief’s presence throughout my life (including my postpartum periods). 

Beyond that, it can be helpful to understand that navigating grief is not a forbidden path. We are not alone and sometimes herbs, touch, and food can bring balance. And in bringing balance, it does not mean that the grief goes away, but it means that you can sit with that grief and ask it what it wants to teach you.  

Writing compliments of

Lee, Center for Sacred Window Studies student

It is my preference to write this bio in first person. I do not meet strangers so call me Lee; it is what some of my friends call me. I am a dreamer. My goals are to truly live and bring life to those I encounter. I am prayerfully waiting to cast my fruit into the world at spirit-led timing.

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