Agni of the Mind
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Agni of the Mind

I’m blessed to be studying Ayurvedic theory with Julia Fishman in the Center for Sacred Window Studies 200 Hour postpartum caregiver programme. Our last teaching session covered ‘agni’ otherwise known as digestive fire. 

I hadn’t previously appreciated how this concept relates to our mental well being too, and just how impacting this can be in the postpartum healing window. 

Immediately after birth, mothers often find we have some weeks away from formal work responsibilities, and it can feel like, "woo hooo!", we might ‘get things done’ that have been on that ‘to do’ list for some time!

Agni of the Mind

Agh; a recipe for disaster when at exactly this time our digestive fire has been quieted down through the process of birthing a Whole Human Being into the world! All the energy humming through our body has a finely-tuned purpose, and it’s calling us to witness what an amazing thing has taken place. Like a fire it needs special attention and to be gently rekindled.

The holistic manner in which we go about this includes not just food choices, but our whole lifestyle - even what we choose to put in our minds!

A small morsel of well-chosen, well-digested food does more for the body than a large quantity of poorly-suited and poorly-digested food. 

What is strikingly obvious nowadays is that information and too-much-choice can be just the same. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and being bombarded with news and conflicting information can deplete our energy and mood just as surely as a physical marathon. 

There is a prayer in the Islamic tradition: ‘Lord, increase me in beneficial knowledge.’ which recognizes that everything we can expose ourselves to of information is not necessarily helpful.

Ama - this is the resulting toxicity or OVERWHELM of undigested material that we bring into our body or mind. 

So if you’re in the beginning, middle or end of your Sacred Window here’s the validation to Just Let It All Go - put the books and gadgets down that are overstimulating your mind, and drink in people and resources who lift the burden and bring you simple joy; your body, mind and baby will thank you for it.

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Oum Ibrahim

Mother, Doula, Homeopath

Oum Ibrahim birthed joyfully into motherhood in 1999 and has been serving women as a doula ever since. A mom of many, homeopath and soft tissue therapist, she is drawn to the rhythm and respect that Ayurveda offers for all seasons of life.  Oum has a particular fascination with the formation of community and relationships and you can read some of her ponderings here on the Sacred Window Blog.

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