Postpartum Support in the Time of Covid
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Postpartum Support in the Time of Covid

Having a baby can be trying enough - but what do you do if there is also a global pandemic going on?

You can still get the support you need while being careful and safe about germ management.

  • Putting specific precautions into place before baby arrives can help with hiring support and being on the same page with service providers.

  • Virtual support can also be a great resource during this unusual time.

  • In this post, we’ll go over how to set yourself up for success in regards to having a peaceful, supported postpartum, even during a pandemic.

Get on the same page

Map out your ideal postpartum, including your comfort level with Covid precautions. How many people do you want in your house at once? Will the baby be in a carrier on you, away from visitors to discourage passing the baby around to many different hands? Would you require masking, and/or proof of vaccination? Come up with your boundaries ahead of time. Then, research service providers in your area who are on the same page as you. Meet virtually or on the phone to discuss parameters before in-person help. Set yourself up for success!

Sometimes virtual is best

If you already have in-home support available from your partner or close relative, perhaps you don’t need to introduce another person into your home after baby arrives. Sometimes virtual help is the best choice. This is especially true for people who have a ton of baby care questions, need to see demonstrations of nursing positions, or just need reassurance and/or to talk through emotions. Discuss the type of help you may need postpartum with your family and decide if virtual support is the way to go. Many doulas, lactation consultants, and new parent groups offer this type of service, especially now.

Set up hands-free support

There are many wonderful resources for new parents out there that do not require in-person service. Setting up a meal train for food delivery is a great way to get home cooked meals from friends and loved ones without them having to come into your space. Phone calls, video calls, and even emails or texting can keep you in touch with people you love and allow for emotional support without risk. Outdoor meet-ups when the weather's nice can allow for some fresh air and social distancing.

In conclusion...

Even though we are in unprecedented times, you still deserve the support you need to recover during your postpartum time. Setting yourself up for success and coming up with a plan beforehand can really help to ease some of the mental stress of recovering from birth during a pandemic. Building a support team who is on the same page as you in regards to this plan can help to streamline things into a solid, smooth recovery plan. There are many ways to receive support without in-person service, and/or to do so in a safe way. You can have a peaceful postpartum no matter what the circumstance, so long as you plan ahead!

Share Your Birth Story Writing Experience

Did you give birth during the pandemic? What was it like, and how did you adjust your postpartum for safety while still getting the support you needed? Comment below!

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Andrea Luzitano is a postpartum doula and graduate of the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Program. Through Upon Arrival, she "mothers the new mother" and her family by providing healing meals, emotional wellness offerings, and local resources that gently guide them through the life-changing experience of early postpartum parenthood. Many women plan for the birth of a baby - but what about the birth of a mother? She is a firm believer in holding space for this precious time in life and keeping it as worry-free and comfortable as possible. Learn more about Andrea at https://www.uponarrivaldoula.com/.

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