Homeopathy for Postpartum: Cesarean Birth
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Homeopathy for Postpartum: Cesarean Birth

Homeopathy is a non-toxic energy medicine that works alongside Ayurvedic herbs and lifestyle adjustments.

Birth is a big deal no matter how and where your baby makes their appearance, and the major changes that take place after birth have their own unique nuances with a cesarean arrival. 

Not only are you coping with the physical and hormonal changes of going from pregnant to postnatal, but you are also recovering from major surgery. The frequency and safety with which women now experience cesarean births does not detract from the impact on your personal body and recovery. Don’t let anyone dismiss the miraculous intensity of how your child came into the world as ‘routine’. 

You may be feeling happiness and relief to finally have your baby in your arms, and grateful for this life-saving event for you and your little one, or you may be feeling like you got dredged inside out and are utterly exhausted. Allow yourself whatever ‘is’ and know that a mixture of all these feelings is also possible. 

The mercy of strong pain medicine is an incredible blessing, so use what you need alongside any other approaches you try.

Homeopathy for Postpartum: Cesarean Birth
Baby has arrived!

Many women find that despite their relief to be safely into motherhood, the impact of surgery can leave some physical and emotional waves that they would like to bring to a place of peace. 

If you have any feelings of violation or regret about the cesarean then the remedy to start with is STAPHYSAGRIA 200c. A single dose of this can be ample, or if you find that you are having recurrent thoughts about how difficult your birth experience was then you can repeat it a few times within a week. 

Staphysagria is also a remedy for the healing of neat cuts with a sharp instrument, so it can kick start wound healing even if you are feeling positive. It’s also good for urinary tract infections or difficulties weeing after the catheter is removed.

If you have any feelings of panic after the birth then ACONITE 200c can help this pass. 

BELLIS PERENNIS 200c is a remedy used ‘to touch the parts that arnica cannot reach’. If you had any internal bruising during the birth and are feeling tender inside then a dose of bellis.p can bring comfort and ease. 

Homeopathy for Postpartum: Cesarean Birth

CALENDULA 200c is a great remedy for cleaning out wounds. It is also indicated whenever there is more pain than expected, so if you have redness at your incision site or are struggling to manage the pain even with medication, try taking calendula 200c every 15 - 30 minutes for several doses.

HYPERICUM 200c is used for any tingling or numbness in the wound area. It’s a remedy for nerve pain and can also be used for crushing injuries to the toes and fingers. Hypericum addresses damage to delicate tissues and nerves. Hypericum 200c a few times a day for a few days will usually calm any ‘nervey’ sensations and aid healing. 

These are commonly used remedies after ALL types of surgery, so once you’re familiar with these remedy qualities you can apply their use to other situations too. 

Having a range of healing modalities to navigate the early months of motherhood can help you connect to your inner strength and power, and bring you much peace and satisfaction as you care for your family.

Oum Nour

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Oum Ibrahim
Mother, Doula, Homeopath
Oum Ibrahim birthed joyfully into motherhood in 1999 and has been serving women as a doula ever since. A mom of many, homeopath and soft tissue therapist, she is drawn to the rhythm and respect that Ayurveda offers for all seasons of life. Oum has a particular fascination with the formation of community and relationships and you can read some of her ponderings here on the Sacred Window Blog.

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Disclaimer: The information presented does not constitute medical advice nor is it meant to diagnose. It has been drawn from traditional homeopathic pharmacopeia and material medica and is for general information and educational purposes only. When using homeopathic remedies, homeopathic principles should be applied. It is always best to consult a homeopathic practitioner who can make a postnatal kit for you and guide you with potency and frequency of taking the indicated remedy. Always seek advice from your medical practitioner.

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