Yoga for Healing - Part 1
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Yoga for Health - Part 1

Welcome to the first part of the Yoga for Healing series.

Yoga is an ancient system that provides us the road map to mastering the mind and awakening clear perception through a complete yoga practice that consists of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. 

By incorporating Asana, Pranayama and Meditation this approach to our yoga practice is known as a Sarvanaga Sadhana which means it is a complete practice as it incorporates all elements. We use the body (through Asana) to connect with the breath (pranayama). We then use the breath (pranayama) to connect with the mind (meditation) and lastly use the mind (meditation) to plug back into source.

Tantra is the science around mastering our energy. Cultivating our inner power and vitality (prana) and understanding our own energy is to understand the energy of the universe and vice versa. Within the meditative practices of Tantra we learn to clear, cultivate and direct our energy throughout the body giving life to our very practice. Tantra has an understanding that life and everything within it is divine and how we can live a full life both spiritually and within our everyday material world. There is no separation yet an acknowledgment that we are both spiritual beings yet also humans living in a material world and how can we thrive in both.

Yoga for Healing - Part 1

These two subjects in itself are big topics but understanding both reminds us of the true healing potential that our practice provides. In terms of Asana Tantra views this as a method to liberate any stagnant energy within the body and as a way to help us shape it in a specific location or direction. Talking about energy, the energetic force we will be cultivating is called Apana Vayu. This is a downward descending focused energy where its main function is elimination. Working with and shaping this energy can be seen as increasing our ability to process what might arise and our capacity to let go of what does not serve us to create more space mentally, physically and spiritually for healing. We shape this energy predominantly with forward folds and a supporting pranayama which focuses on extended exhales and meditation.

Traditional Tantric Hatha comprises 3 categorical practices which are Moon, Sun and Fire. We will be practising a Moon practice which sets the foundations for grounding our energy. Within this Moon practice we tend to stay within each shape/pose for slightly longer with the intention to calm, stabilise and ground our energy, nervous system and mind. This is then linked to activating our parasympathetic nervous system whose role is eliminating stress that is applied to our nervous, digestion and cardiovascular system. It also aids in minimising the level of stress hormones that we produce in the body which in essence all promotes and aids self healing.

The Moon represents the mind and a Moon focused practice is about calming and making the mind more stable. Staying longer in each pose allows us to cultivate a deeper sense of self awareness and the entire practice itself becomes a lot more meditative in nature.

Yoga for Health - Part 1

Welcome to Yoga for Healing by Francesca Secolonovo which is a 5 part series. This series has been curated with the intention to facilitate a slowing down to allow us to experience a deeper sense of connection and awareness towards your mind, body and breath.

This series includes practices that invite you to slow down and go inwards because I truly believe even though our modern world is a lot more externally 

focused and tempts us into seeking so much outside of ourselves. The true medicine we seek is always within.

This deeply nourishing series includes practices from different lineages such as Yin yoga, Traditional Tantric Hatha and Yoga Nidra. We will also incorporate pranayama (breathwork), meditation, acupressure points and fascia release to complement each part of this bundle.

Francesca Secolonovo who will lead these sessions creates spaces that invite individuals to slow down. Francesca is a 660hour yoga teacher and student who offers Yin Yoga, Traditional Tantric Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Cacao Ceremonies and Sound Healing. She focuses on creating spaces that invite reflection and slowness as she deeply believes there is power to be found, deep realisations to be had and deep healing to be experienced within those spaces where we are invited to go in on ourselves.

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