Yoga for Healing – Part 5
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Yoga For Healing - Part 5: YIN YOGA : Letting Go.

Yoga for Health - Part 5

Sometimes all that we need is to do nothing. 

Yet, it seems to not take action and to allow ourselves to simply be and not think or move can seem like such a difficult thing to do.

We can get distracted by our thoughts which seem endless and get caught into a trap of planning what we might need to do tomorrow, later today.

Life is about balance and yin is about finding that middle ground of taking action and surrendering. To be active but also passive and surrender into what we are met with without trying to fix or alter our reality.

Within the philosophy of Yin Yoga the Lung meridian is the channel that focuses on our ability to yield. To relax the mind and the perfect example of this is if we take a moment to look at the breath. The inhale requires more effort and willpower yet our exhale is something that happens rather automatically. 

Our exhale literally expels from the body what it does not need to create more space for the next nourishing breath.

The lung meridian represents the emotion of grief which is also a common feeling at times of letting go. In postpartum, as a new mother steps into an exciting new beginning there can also be an element of grief that might be felt. Where there is a beginning there is also an ending and we might arrive at a point where we feel the need to grieve. 

Yoga for Healing - Part 5

To allow ourselves to move forward, it’s an important thing to acknowledge and process this change so we can mother from an empowered stand point and step in fully, towards the celebration of perhaps a very different reality that lies ahead to what we are currently living.

How can we love, live fully yet be prepared to grieve, let go and experience that element of loss all at the same time. This is a forever lesson of life where nothing is to last forever.

If there is one thing to take away here is that nothing needs to be fixed. We only need to give ourselves the grace in being kind to ourselves and embrace ourselves for where we are right now in this moment.

My top tips to encourage that softening into letting go are:

  • Focus on the exhale.

Perhaps extend the exhale slightly if you can and allow your body to melt into the pose.

  • Visualise. 

See, feel and sense yourself become lighter in time within every pose. When you experience moments where tension begins to build, learn to work with your breath. Seeing yourself release that tension into the ether as you exhale.

  • Internal dialogue.

I like to incorporate mini statements in flow with the breath such as ‘Let Go’ or ‘Be here’. As an example, as you would inhale you would say silently to yourself ‘Let’ and as you exhale you would say ‘Go’. Giving yourself simple directions really helps you focus on the task at hand.

  • Acupressure Point LU1

Maintain length in your spine these points are located 1cm below the clavicle. Pressing into these points while focusing on your breath supports the lungs in opening. Creating the space to process and feel. By doing this it supports our capacity to then move forward.

Yoga for Health - Part 3

Welcome to Yoga for Healing by Francesca Secolonovo which is a 5 part series. This series has been curated with the intention to facilitate a slowing down to allow us to experience a deeper sense of connection and awareness towards your mind, body and breath.

This series includes practices that invite you to slow down and go inwards because I truly believe even though our modern world is a lot more externally 

focused and tempts us into seeking so much outside of ourselves. The true medicine we seek is always within.

This deeply nourishing series includes practices from different lineages such as Yin yoga, Traditional Tantric Hatha and Yoga Nidra. We will also incorporate pranayama (breathwork), meditation, acupressure points and fascia release to complement each part of this bundle.

Francesca Secolonovo who will lead these sessions creates spaces that invite individuals to slow down. Francesca is a 660hour yoga teacher and student who offers Yin Yoga, Traditional Tantric Hatha, Yoga Nidra, Cacao Ceremonies and Sound Healing. She focuses on creating spaces that invite reflection and slowness as she deeply believes there is power to be found, deep realisations to be had and deep healing to be experienced within those spaces where we are invited to go in on ourselves.

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