Mending The Next Generation Begins in the Womb
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Mending The Next Generation Begins in the Womb

It Starts in The Womb

I struggled with postpartum depression with all 3 of my children. And knowing what I know now, much of what I experienced could have been avoided had I known about this. Sacred Window work is critical to the mother and baby's overall mental and physical health as they move forward into an entirely new life. When I look back on that dark time of struggle and think about how much opportunity there was for me to savor it, feelings of guilt and shame arise, and this is healing that I still work through.

Because the Sacred Window is not supposed to be a time of darkness. It's a time of transition. And a time that, in today's society, is not honored or even recognized. But the ancients knew of this time, and some cultures around the world still hold this time with much reverence and sacredness. And knowing how sacred this work is, it is my greatest joy to bring it back into our modern world so that moms can thrive again...instead of feeling as depleted as I did.

What is the Sacred Window?

The Sacred Window is a tender and vulnerable time of transition. A window of time. It is the first 42 days after the mother births her baby. In my personal opinion and experience on the spiritual path of awakening and initiation that is motherhood, we actually move through many sacred windows as our children grow and as we continue to birth ourselves personally into the next level of personal evolution. But these first 42 days are critical to the development of not only the mother in her next stage of life but the new baby's development.

This is why I believe that the revival of the next generation really begins in the womb.

This is why I was called to this work.

Maybe it's retribution. I look back on that time in my life, and I feel immense guilt sometimes. I wish I could go back and do it all over again. I wish I could go back and slow it down. I wish I had asked for help. I wish I could take what I know now and apply it and give myself the care that I vow to give others now. Whatever it is that drives me to get this out into the mainstream, it has a purpose, and it's very, very important. Because I truly believe that if we mothers can connect back to this wisdom, use this knowledge, and do it together in community -- like the village, we will change the world.


In Ayurveda, there is a Sanskrit word, Kayakalpa. It represents a time in our life when our body is ready and prepared to receive a full reset. It is when the body is receptive to full regeneration. The Sacred Window is one of these times, and in my opinion, the most receptive time. A mother has literally just cultivated and birthed spirit into form. And now a new life begins. But the mother is birthing herself into new life. And her body, mind, and soul are ready for integration.

We all have wood beetles of our own. The only way we’re not going to let them devour us from the inside out, is to branch out when we need support from our tree community.

Supporting each other in our healing is the least tree thing we can do! Trees are not silent beings, if you listen carefully, they speak to one another quite frankly. They communicate in ways we still have yet to discover. What we know so far though is that if a tree is in pain or ill, the forest is too. Have you ever seen massive areas of ill trees? It’s the same for us, a fellow human in pain is a sign the collective is in pain too.

Samskaras are “past impressions” withheld in our minds and subconscious that affect our perception and generate a “limiting self”. If they never come to our consciousness, they can hold us back from our true healthy nature, from being this magnificent tree we are all meant to be. They’re like those wood beetles, imprinting on the bark of our lives, carving patterns of behaviors. These tree’s scars are like the wounds and symptoms our bodies show whenever our samskaras are not being acknowledged. Past impressions can only be let go of and rooted out from our subconscious when we let ourselves be seen by the seer within. 

This is when meditation comes to play its role, to develop the sacred eye/I from within to uncover what is yet to uncover. Then, we can transcend, which means growing out of our old root system and beyond to create a new healthy one, and blossom into the tree we were always meant to be.

Transcendance becomes a great ally when we start to care for a tiny human. Why is that? Well, transcending allows us to care and nurture ourselves, clear our mind, let go of our stress and neediness, so emotions can flow in and out of our bodies smoothly. It centers the trunk of our tree, we get big, lush and resilient to any weather forecast. Ready for anything life/a toddler has to throw at us!

And that undeniable care we provide for ourselves, then ultimately reflects back on the way we care for others. Not only our children, but also children of others, family members, friends… It won’t be long until the forest community starts photosynthesizing that inner light we are radiating from all of our leafy pores… That enlightened state becomes the inspiration for others. For our baby trees… 

Mending The Next Generation Begins in the Womb

Kayakalpa means BODY TIME.

It is a time when nourishment and support are critical for full recovery and renewal. The cells in the body are open and receptive to the healing that can come from proper nourishment and support. More open and receptive than at any other time in a mother's life. So this time must be treated with so much love and care. Because this is a gift. It's an opportunity to set up the next generation for success.

Looking at the bigger picture, can you see where we went so wrong?

During this time of Kayakalpa, after birth, the element of air and space is elevated. This prepares the mother for spiritual bonding and connection with her baby. She is in a tender space where overwhelm can easily be aggravated. Placing so many expectations on a new mother to get back to life as it was before the baby goes against everything that nature intends. In ancient times, the village would come together to help with the housework, the meals, and the care and nurturing of the mother. Because this time is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that, if treated with tender loving care, softness, stillness, and gentleness, offers many blessings into the future. They say that what is cultivated in these 42 days has a lasting effect for 42 years.

How amazing is that?

So, applying principles of Ayurveda and intuition is vital to the recovery and the long-term physical, mental, and emotional health of the mother and baby for years following birth. The Center for Sacred Window Studies is committed to re-awakening this wisdom, supporting new mothers during this life transition, and educating families and caregivers worldwide about this important work. We are eager to welcome new caregivers on board who are ready to do this work with us. It's so needed!

This is how we prepare the next generation for a more connected, awakened, and brighter future.

This is how we heal.

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Hi Mamma, I'm Stephanie. I am a busy mom of three boys who is passionate about body, mind and spirit health! After having three children and losing myself almost completely in the chaos, I can comfortably say that Ayurveda and Yoga saved my life. Kundalini Yoga allowed me to connect back with my heart and actually feel it - and my body, again.

Ayurveda brings it deeper and taught me how to take full control of my mind, body, and soul. With the right tools and information to transform my health from the inside out - my entire life and relationships - especially with my children - changed for the better.

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