Crystal Singing Bowl
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Crystal Singing Bowl Therapy

In today’s modern world, newborn mothers and families are increasingly seeking the life changing magic of postpartum healing. Birthing individuals are seeking time for their personal healing during this window. Holistic family, full-spectrum and postpartum doulas can help ease the transition after having a newborn baby by offering not only Ayurvedic meals and Abhyanga, but also sound therapy. 

The scientific and spiritual effects of playing ancient crystal singing bowls for a first-time mother is outstanding. After giving birth, the mother is in a primal, raw, and vulnerable state. Sound therapy proves to be an effective tool for postpartum due to its deeply relaxing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system. There is no certification needed to do this and it is extremely easy. All you will need are (ideally) 7 crystal singing bowls specific to each of the 7 chakras and precious moments in which your client is not active.  It is best to perform this ancient healing modality when the mind, body and soul of your client is in a calm state. The moment when this elemental divine union happens, the seven main chakras naturally begin to relax.  The internal, subtle channels start to open up and communicate with each other and have the ability to reach a beautiful level of harmonious equilibrium. 

It is suggested that sound healing should be done before they consume food or an hour after eating so that their agni (in Ayurveda it is known as the digestive fire) is not overly activated. You can have your client rest in a straight and comfortable position on the bed or on the living room floor.  Swaddle them in a cotton blanket (blankets that are made from natural fiber will always be the best due to its breathable quality that non-natural material blankets do not have).  They will feel mothered and nourished by the warm, dark, and comfy womb sensation. Ask the individual you are providing caregiving for if it is okay to make the sound healing sessions ceremonial by lighting up lavender candles and placing flowers in a big circle to represent the cycle of life.  Place all seven of the main chakra crystal singing bowls around the mother’s body- put each of them next to the chakra that it belongs to. 

In Ayurvedic philosophy, the mother’s after birth body is filled with vata dosha (air and ether.) It is referred to as ‘akasha’ in Sanskrit.  Ether is the element that comes first in yogic and Ayurvedic thinking. Ether is without the firmness of earth, the coolness of water, the heat of fire or even the movement of wind. It is therefore the very essence of ‘emptiness’. The space element is the most subtle of all elements. Within our bodies we can recognize the space element literally anywhere there is ether; the sinus cavities that allow for our voices to resonate, the ether in the lungs that fills with air, and space in the stomach before a meal. In the name of postpartum recovery, the akasha located in the womb and stomach (the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra points) will be the main areas that become activated by the frequencies radiating from the himalayan singing bowls. This activation brings forth transformative healing for all of the other channels within the mother’s physical body.  

Sound therapy triggers the cells and crystals inside of the mother’s body to resonate on the healing frequency of each of the crystal chakra bowls. Every single one of those sound bowls helps the akasha maneuver through the new body, mind, and spirit of the birthing person. (Isn’t that incredibly inspirational and powerful?!) 

Playing himalayan crystal sound bowls repeatedly creates a peaceful hypnotic environment for your client and your client’s newborn baby. In fact, whatever state the birth-giver is in, the baby will also be influenced by.  These crystals vibrate with the healing frequency of the chakra note creating peace for the new human. Practicing this technique to trigger our parasympathetic response during the first forty-two days can support and help prevent postpartum depression and other forms of mental illness. The postpartum time was purposely designed to be forty-two long orgasmic, rejuvenating, addictive, and stimulating days of raw personal growth and family bonding. This is the beginning of life and it is possible for the postpartum window to be a gift for human beings from nature.

Crystal Singing Bowl

Kemetsea Kings is a mother, an artist, a postpartum caregiver, singer and sound therapist.  

Learn more about Kemetsea at https://linktr.ee/ancientcitytemple.

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