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The inspiration for the Universal Mother Principles arrived as I pondered the unseen forces behind healing and being ‘cared for’.  What was that exactly?  In Ayurveda, we understand that perfect health is a combination of the body, the mind, the senses, the spirit and the power of digestion and elimination.  During massive transitions, everything is heightened.  The elements of ether and air are increased, bringing us deeply in tune with the subtle energetics around us.

Welcome to the Universal Mother Principle Email Series!  

My intention with this series is to welcome into your subtle spaces the juicy, the cozy, the abundant love and acceptance, the joyous possibilities of fulfillment, the intimate unconditional devotion that is possible when we operate through these ‘ojas building’, and golden light emitting principles.  I am in LOVE with them and am devoted to exploring the depths of them in all spaces within my life.  The healing possibilities are ENDLESS.  Roll around in each of them as they arrive in your inboxes, and know that I send these letters with boundless love for fostering connection with you.  

Thank you and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

As we enter into the portal of the Universal Mother Principles, we do so by creating INTENTION.

We may go through most of life watching and experiencing without the realization that we are actually in charge.  We are not feathers flying in the wind, or operating at the whim of circumstance. Does this feel like a radical viewpoint?  It does eliminate the tendency to give excuses, an ability we may rely on sometimes.  Yet, in another perspective, this viewpoint is infinitely more empowering.  WE decide how we want to experience something.  WE set the course.  WE create the outcome we wish to have.

Intention is setting the destination.  It is deciding how we want the outcome to be.  When we deliberately create an intention for whatever we are embarking on, we have the ability to draw the map towards it.  

Imagine setting out on a journey without knowing where you were going, or how you would navigate.  (Yes, I realize this can be a fun opportunity for spontaneity and I 100% approve of curiosity led adventuring!)  However, let’s say this is a journey for something really important.  You do NOT want to miss what is on the other end of this journey.  It is something that will bring you incredible benefit and means more to you than anything.  If that were the case, you would know the day, the time, and all the details of the itinerary.  You would have researched everything, and you would know exactly what you needed to bring.  

Setting an intention is ensuring that your efforts (your travels) are moving efficiently and directly to your wishes (your destination).  

From a spiritual and indeed, an Ayurvedic perspective, the universe shares with us the elements it contains.  We are all cut from the same cloth.  We respond to the same influences and become balanced (or imbalanced) by the proper combinations of these elements.  So it is with energy.  We contain the same energetic framework as the universe.  We can open up to the flow of energy, or we can move against it or obstruct its flow.  It is always there and will always respond to the direction we give it.  It has no judgment on our decisions or priorities, it is there and ready to respond to the input we provide.

When we align our movements, our decisions, our plans, our actions, to flow towards our intentions, we are moving with the flow of energy that will create and manifest what we have decided upon.


Intention is relevant to the Universal Mother Principles in that whatever we set out to do, we will be more effective when we have a desired result in mind.  Whether we are applying this to caregiving, our work, our family, our pursuits, our personal goals, our relationships, our plans, it does not matter.  Intention is the guide for the application of the Universal Mother Principles.  

HOW we wish to experience something through the process is as important as the thing itself.  The Universal Mother Principles ensure that we experience whatever we set out to do with juiciness, radiance, ‘sattva’, unconditional love and devotion, and fulfillment of our heart’s desire.

So, how can I begin setting intentions?

It is a most fun practice, and can be applied in everything you do.  

For example, I recently went on a date with my husband.  In all honesty, with four kids, we rarely get to go out alone together, and this was special.  I had noticed in the past couple of years that often at night, when we are both tired, our communication style was becoming a bit debate-like.  (Some folks like debating, but I very much do not!)  On the way out the door for our date, I set the intention that this evening would be really fun and sweet.  I intended for our conversation to be light and loving, that we would laugh a lot and feel connected with each other.  With that intention set, the evening was exactly that. The map and directions had been set in my consciousness, which guided my communication, my responses, and my entire experience.  Voila!  

As a caregiver, I set an intention for every visit with a client before entering into their home.  As a mom, I set intentions all the time for support in doing my best.  In my work with this school, our intentions are addressed daily for best creating what we wish to create for ourselves and our students.  

Intention = action with purpose.  What do you love?  What is important to you?  There is nothing more worthy of your intention than the things that bring you love and joy from the depths of your soul and the seat of your higher self.

Play with your intentions this week!

You can create any process you wish for setting your intention.  I like to take a moment before I get out of bed in the morning to set my intentions for the day, and again just before I fall asleep.  I will quiet my mind and set my intentions before I begin working for the day.  There is no one way, just your way.  Whether in silent meditation, or out loud.  Whether writing them down or singing them.  You decide how you wish to create them.

Have fun!  Explore and let us know how it is going in the Postpartum Care Collective Facebook Group!

Christine’s passion is in elevating care of self in order to amplify care for others. She is a busy mother to 4 boys and practices her skills daily in support of the divine feminine. Christine is an Ayurvedic Health Consultant, a Birth and Postpartum Doula and the Founder of the Center for Sacred Window Studies, an education platform for Conscious Postpartum Care inspired by Ayurveda and other universal traditions found around the world. She established the Universal Mother Principles as a way of accessing the foundational qualities of giving and receiving effective care for self and others. The Center for Sacred

Window Studies certifies caregivers from around the world in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Online Certification Program and the Sacred Window Postpartum Training + Embodiment Retreats. Christine hosts the Sacred Window Podcast and builds awareness and support for postpartum and transitional feminine care via monthly events and continuing education for people passionate about the postpartum window and sustainable caregiving. Christine is featured on many podcasts, publications and summits including USA Today, Orgasmic Birth and Birthing from Within.

Here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies, we share voices from many perspectives and backgrounds. We believe that the sacred weeks post birth, and the experience of humanity is experienced in countless ways. We learn by listening to one another and honoring our stories. The views and opinions of our writers do not necessarily reflect the mission, viewpoints or opinions of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

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