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The inspiration for the Universal Mother Principles arrived as I pondered the unseen forces behind healing and being ‘cared for’.  What was that exactly?  In Ayurveda, we understand that perfect health is a combination of the body, the mind, the senses, the spirit and the power of digestion and elimination.  During massive transitions, everything is heightened.  The elements of ether and air are increased, bringing us deeply in tune with the subtle energetics around us.

The Universal Mother Principle of Grounding is one that deeply acknowledges our presence here on EARTH.  What a blessing this home is!  Our Sacred Mother Earth provides nourishment, access, discovery, resources and a deep connection to our physical selves.  Her ability to regenerate and cycle are models of our own sacred ability to survive and thrive through any number of challenges as we rely on our inner rhythms.  She is steady, resilient, vast and wise beyond measure.  

When we harness the principle of grounding, we first and foremost are honoring the earth element, and the ways she models for us, allowing those aspects of her nature within us to grow.  The elements in nature are innate within us.  Setting aside the ego, and settling back into the source of our being will immediately bring us in alignment with the wisdom within.

Regularly, I speak with friends and loved ones who describe life as ‘crazy’, ‘busy’, ‘a whirlwind’, and other descriptions that indicate the vitiation of air and space elements.  Air is responsible for movement - it is light, quick and clear.  Space is the element that holds all others and is eternal in its vastness.  It is dry, subtle and light.  Every element in nature is beautiful in its own balanced way and a blessing in the gifts they provide.  We carry a perfect combination of them within us derived from our parents, our births, our unique constitution. 

Modern society is characterized by elevated vata and pitta dosha (air, ether and fire elements).  Our culture values speed, efficiency, motivation and progress.  In unconscious ways, we have learned to hold ourselves to those expectations, measuring our success or our worth by the productivity or efficiency of what we do.  In striving to match cultural values, we can neglect the state of balance that requires a healthy dose of slowness, softness and stability.

During the postpartum window especially, when air and space elements naturally heighten, we can easily feel disconnected from our core, our sense of self, our resiliency.  In a world that exhibits elevated vata dosha, it is no wonder many postpartum people feel anxious and depleted, without the deep reserve of steady care and healing resources we need to integrate such a magnificent transition in life.  It is no wonder that as active people seeking to care for others in this vata world may feel disconnected to the inner core that is an eternal resource of nourishment.

Groundedness refers to being connected to that inner core.  When we access the earth element in our beings, we are strengthening our awareness of the steady, solid, heavy, cool and strong qualities we carry within and exhibit outwardly.  We know ourselves.  We trust ourselves.  We are confident.  We are resilient.  We listen to the inner voice that always guides us in the right direction.

Kapha dosha consists of both water and earth elements.   As a water sign, one way I love to settle deeply into my core, is to imagine myself as a deep and beautiful lake.  The surface of the lake is my outer consciousness, and it is often impacted by the wind, the other elements in my environment, people who occupy my waters, etc.  My core is located in the deep waters of this beautiful lake.  It’s quiet, calm, steady and integrates whatever moves through it with ease.  This is my true essence.  

There are innumerable experiences, interactions and ideas that will flow in and out of my daily life.  As I navigate through, I may find myself swept up by air and space, or lit up by the heat of fire.  Yet whenever I need, I can access those deep waters where the soft floor of the lake will unfailingly support me.

Ways to invite Grounding in to your life:

  • Slow Down.  Whatever you are doing, do it slower and with more intention and focus.

  • Break things into steps.  Whether it is your day, your working hours, the stages of a project, create smaller steps and move through each with less overwhelm.

  • Grow a garden or have some plants inside the house.  Become friends with these plants and notice how they grow.  As you care for them, take moments to appreciate the water and earth that sustains and nourishes them.

  • Visualize yourself as a deep lake.  What does it feel like when you go to the bottom?  Allow those qualities to grow and notice how you feel inside.

  • Enjoy warm thick stews, slow cooked with lots of love.

  • What is a major goal you wish to accomplish or experience you wish to manifest?  Adjust your schedule each day or week that you reserve space to spend with that sacred work, whatever it may be.

I honor the core of your being that grounds you to this life.

Many blessings,


Christine’s passion is in elevating care of self in order to amplify care for others. She is a busy mother to 4 boys and practices her skills daily in support of the divine feminine. Christine is an Ayurvedic Health Consultant, a Birth and Postpartum Doula and the Founder of the Center for Sacred Window Studies, an education platform for Conscious Postpartum Care inspired by Ayurveda and other universal traditions found around the world. She established the Universal Mother Principles as a way of accessing the foundational qualities of giving and receiving effective care for self and others. The Center for Sacred

Window Studies certifies caregivers from around the world in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Online Certification Program and the Sacred Window Postpartum Training + Embodiment Retreats. Christine hosts the Sacred Window Podcast and builds awareness and support for postpartum and transitional feminine care via monthly events and continuing education for people passionate about the postpartum window and sustainable caregiving. Christine is featured on many podcasts, publications and summits including USA Today, Orgasmic Birth and Birthing from Within.

Here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies, we share voices from many perspectives and backgrounds. We believe that the sacred weeks post birth, and the experience of humanity is experienced in countless ways. We learn by listening to one another and honoring our stories. The views and opinions of our writers do not necessarily reflect the mission, viewpoints or opinions of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

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