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Listening + Intuition

The inspiration for the Universal Mother Principles arrived as I pondered the unseen forces behind healing and being ‘cared for’.  What was that exactly?  In Ayurveda, we understand that perfect health is a combination of the body, the mind, the senses, the spirit and the power of digestion and elimination.  During massive transitions, everything is heightened.  The elements of ether and air are increased, bringing us deeply in tune with the subtle energetics around us.

When I began teaching the Universal Mother Principles, Listening and Intuition were spoken of separately.  As I have become more and more intimate with how these principles play a role in my life, I see that they are intrinsically one.

The way I initially interpreted the principle of listening, was in holding space to allow integration to occur for someone.  The gift of providing loving presence to hear stories, value someone’s process and nurture the beauty of the individual’s journey is, in truth, a treasure.  It paves the way for further opening, experiencing, and healing on all the levels.  It establishes trust and reverence when we witness someone during a tender and intimate time.  It is an integral role of the conscious caregiver.

The way I initially interpreted the principle of intuition, was as a connection to our inner wisdom.  The postpartum window (and other times of subtlety and transition) is a time when many feel disconnected with their inner knowing.  Our elevated air and space elements (vata dosha) can easily turn to overwhelm when we are depleted and make decisions feel unclear.  Allowing the body and mind to rest when the mobile and light qualities are vitiated can be challenging.  As caregivers, when we plug into our own powers of observation, we have the opportunity to support others when they are feeling disconnection within themselves.  By intuiting what someone needs, we create a safety net during their time of transition - we provide nurturing while the connections re-establish.

But there is another level where Listening + Intuition are one.  

When we use our ability to listen to our higher self (our intuition), we are guided every step of the way.  We are never without access to the right next course of action. Our higher self provides the knowing we need to navigate anything.  Perhaps the answer comes in the form of an idea, a person we meet, a book we hear about, a song we listen to, or a conversation that we have - the universal mother within provides answers when we ask.  Our role is to become open and quiet enough to hear and to trust what we hear.  It invites us to strengthen our relationship and love of self.  It results in greater authenticity and connection to others.  

When we listen to our intuition, we are honoring our divine wisdom. 

When listening and intuition are activated within the caregiver, it activates those principles for the person being cared for.  

Can you think of someone in your life who embodies Listening and Intuition in this higher way?  How does it feel to share space with them?  Amazing!  Peaceful.  Rejuvenating.

We likely feel an openness to greater love, connection, presence, appreciation, integration and healing.

The reality is that when each of us is listening deeply to the inner voice of intuition, we tap into the love that is our natural state of being.  Negativity lessens.  When we are around others who exhibit that, or take in content that exhibits that, these principles grow within us.

Listening + Intuition

We create externally what we feel internally.

Being an intuitive listener allows us to fully be present, which when experienced, eliminates the role of the mind and activates the heart.  

“The mind was designed to be the empty space for the visions of your heart to be manifested through.” - The Sophia Code, by Kaia Ra

There have been moments in my life when I felt like I was not enough.  I have felt like an imposter.  I have felt stress and anxiety.  I have felt fear of things not turning out the way I want them to.  When I feel these things, I am identifying myself through the lens of the mind, which adopts external viewpoints rather than listening to the voice within that speaks from my true being-ness.

When I hear thoughts like these and notice feelings I dislike, I can listen to them as the observer, noticing that they are within me, but are not actually me.  I can visualize them as separate and allow their intensity to minimize as I turn my attention to listening instead to the voice of my intuition, the voice of my higher self.

Ask questions to the Universal Mother.  She will speak through your higher self, your intuition, and you will never be without support.

Listening and accessing our intuition requires the ability to be quiet, and to be still.  That can be hard!  Much of the time, my level of activity is not a choice.  Life is full - I am a working mother to 4 busy children.  Yet, I have noticed a difference in my experiences when I consciously create quiet moments with the intention of listening (honoring), my intuition.  My mood is elevated.  I experience wonder at life around me.  I’m not attached to specific outcomes.  I trust.  

Ancient philosophies from many different spiritual and philosophical traditions describe in their own ways the I AM presence.  This is the purity of source within.  It is the voice of creation that speaks from within each of us.  It is the creative force we operate through - to be, give and receive what we are here to experience.  When we are quiet and when we connect with intuition, we can invite the awareness of our I AM presence to lead the way.

(Read more on the I AM presence in 'The I AM Discourses', 'The Moses Code' and 'The Power of Now', among other beautiful texts.)

Listening is so much more than giving someone space to share their thoughts and feelings.  It is opening a portal to sacred connection with self and others through bypassing the mind and operating via the heart.

Intuition is so much more than having a hunch.  It is activating the trust in our higher self and operating under the awareness of the divine within which is pure love and awareness.

Ways you can empower listening + intuition today:

  • Before you engage in your caregiving or your work, spend several minutes getting quiet.  Ask your higher self a question, start with an easy yes or no, and listen closely to feel the answer.  Begin each day of work with a practice of connecting to your higher self.

  • Look people in the eye when you speak with them and connect with their higher self.  See them for the divine being they are.

  • Listen more than you speak.  Seek to understand by asking questions and being fully present in your conversations.

  • Walk outside and listen to the sounds in nature, from your environment.  Notice what you hear and see, allow the life force around you to intensify as you put your attention on it.  Observe how this impacts how you feel inside.

  • Play meditative or inspiring music while you lay down or rest - focus on simply listening to it.  Let the sounds move within your senses, through the tissues of your body.  Use a singing bowl or chimes.  Feel the vibration of sound.  Notice how you feel and what you experience.  

  • When you have a moment of distress or an unpleasant thought, practice looking at it, observe it from the outside.  Recognize that it is separate from you. Let it go.  Put all of your attention on this present moment.  

I honor the higher self within you which is the divine essence we all share.

Thank you for making this world a better place by listening to your higher self.

With love and gratitude,


Christine’s passion is in elevating care of self in order to amplify care for others. She is a busy mother to 4 boys and practices her skills daily in support of the divine feminine. Christine is an Ayurvedic Health Consultant, a Birth and Postpartum Doula and the Founder of the Center for Sacred Window Studies, an education platform for Conscious Postpartum Care inspired by Ayurveda and other universal traditions found around the world. She established the Universal Mother Principles as a way of accessing the foundational qualities of giving and receiving effective care for self and others. The Center for Sacred

Window Studies certifies caregivers from around the world in the Conscious Postpartum Caregiver Online Certification Program and the Sacred Window Postpartum Training + Embodiment Retreats. Christine hosts the Sacred Window Podcast and builds awareness and support for postpartum and transitional feminine care via monthly events and continuing education for people passionate about the postpartum window and sustainable caregiving. Christine is featured on many podcasts, publications and summits including USA Today, Orgasmic Birth and Birthing from Within.

Here at the Center for Sacred Window Studies, we share voices from many perspectives and backgrounds. We believe that the sacred weeks post birth, and the experience of humanity is experienced in countless ways. We learn by listening to one another and honoring our stories. The views and opinions of our writers do not necessarily reflect the mission, viewpoints or opinions of the Center for Sacred Window Studies.

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